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Right now we are in Libra season and things are about to come to a close. That meaning we are moving into Scorpio season quite quickly.

Scorpio season for those who might not know is the time of year when the Sun itself is in the sign Scorpio. This means that we all in one way or another will be influenced by the power of this sign. This sign is one that allows us to really transform in some pretty intense ways.

Scorpio season kicks off on the 23rd of October and continues on well into November as it ends on the 22nd. This celestial ordeal is one that allows us to focus more properly and can really push us to focus on some of the more important parts of our lives. While it might not sound like much to some, those who are energy sensitive can already feel this kind of thing heating up.

During Scorpio season we should all be more willing to push our limits and try new things. We will be really breaking free of our comfort zones and for many of us that will be a marvelous thing. You might find that this event in itself is going to bring out the more caring and intimate side of you. That for your partner or potential partner could really spice things up.

Working to get things done during this season would be a good idea. It can be quite the productive season if you work properly with it. Take a step back and look at the situation you’re in from an outside perspective. Life is good but you’ve got a long going on. Now is your chance to work through things.

There are some pretty mind-blowing events to come as well during Scorpio season which to me are only going to enhance things more deeply. We have a blue moon on Halloween, Mercury finally coming out of retrograde, mars finally coming out of retrograde, and so much more. With this season, things will really be looking up for once.

As we move forth don’t be too caught up in life to slow down and be a bit more in the moment. That in itself could be the difference between happiness and sadness for us right now. Life is hectic, but at the moment we need to make the most of it. This year’s Scorpio season might not sound like much to some but as time passes you will all see just how powerful it truly is. I for one cannot wait for it to finally be here.