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Although I am pretty sure there are at least a dozen movies that warn against this very thing, Dr. Jack Horner believes that scientists aren’t far from recreating dinosaurs through genetic engineering.

Currently, Horner is working with a team of Harvard scientists to reverse engineer them into existence. Horner cites birds, which are quite similar to dinosaurs, and he thinks that they can fix their genetics to mimic the dinosaurs from the past.

Horner was consulted for the creation of all the Jurassic Park films, and since then, he has been attempted to reverse evolution to take chickens back to their prehistoric roots. According to him, the main differences lie in four categories: the arms, tails, hands, and mouths. Along with his team, he has already worked to manipulate the genetics of chicken embryos.

They have already reverse-engineered a bird beak into what appears to be the snout of a velociraptor. And that isn’t all, Horner and his team have also inserted the genes of a woolly mammoth into elephants, to unevolved them back into the extinct beasts of the past.

With the snouts already checked off the list, Horner explains, “Actually, the wings and hands are not as difficult,” Horner said, adding that a “Chickensoraus” — as he calls the creation — is well on its way to becoming reality. “The tail is the biggest project,” he said. “But on the other hand, we have been able to do some things recently that have given us hope that it won’t take too long.”

If you’d like to learn more, watch the video below, in which Horner speaks regarding his work.