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While a lot of people are trying to do their best to remain clean and germ-free during this pandemic, if you’re using gloves please make sure you’re using them properly. When it comes to wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) if you’re wearing or using them wrong, they won’t be protecting you.

I recently came across a thread of posts on Twitter by Dr. Jacquelyn Gill that really got me thinking about this big time. Dr. Gill for those who might not be aware is an associate professor at the University of Maine’s Climate Change Institute. She began this thread noting that when she goes on her weekly grocery runs she sees just how many people are using gloved improperly.

You see, as a scientist, Dr. Gill is trained well on how to use PPE, this including gloves and if you’re going to listen to anyone on how to use gloves properly, a scientist is one of the best people to hear out. Take a peek below to see some of what Dr. Gill had to say about how she’s seen gloves being used.

This you would assume everyone would be aware of but if you pay attention while out getting the things you need, you’ll likely see tons of people doing things incorrectly. If you really want to keep yourself and those around you safe, you should be going the extra mile to make sure you’re doing things right and if you’re not throwing your gloves away after each use and are touching things you’re not cleaning off before handling again, you’re messing up. Dr. Gill went on to say the things below, and they are some things we should not let slip our minds.

Yes, you have to change your gloves a lot but you should also keep in mind you can get by just fine without them if you’re washing properly and as Dr. Gill mentioned paying attention to the things you’re touching. Reusing gloves is a huge no-no and if you’re going to use them, please look into the things you shouldn’t be doing while wearing them if you want to get the most out of their use. Dr. Gill has seen so many unique instances of people doing things they shouldn’t while wearing their gloves and honestly, it’s kind of mind-blowing.