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Many successful people wear the same outfit every day. And while this may seem like a boring idea, there are many reasons and many benefits behind this choice.

When you look up successful people who wear a capsule wardrobe (which is a wardrobe that is set in place, and consistently the same), Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Kors, and even Barack Obama appear on the list.

You may be wondering, “How on Earth does this benefit them?” And honestly, I wondered the same. But, then I realized that there are many benefits to wearing the same thing each day. So many benefits, that honestly, I may start wearing a capsule wardrobe as well.

10 reasons why many of the most successful men and women choose to wear the same outfit daily.

1. Decision fatigue is real.

Each day, we are faced with a multitude of decisions and priorities we must tend to. And when we are faced with many decisions, it can wear us down and make it hard to make important choices that affect our lives in a major way. Each decision we make takes up useful energy that we could put towards other aspects of our lives.

2. Less time wasted.

On top of the mental energy that choosing an outfit each day takes, it also causes us to waste time. When you have the same outfit prechosen for you each day, you save so much time that you would have wasted trying to piece together an outfit. In turn, you can use that time for productivity.

3. You will feel better about what you are wearing.

Think of one outfit that is not only comfortable, but makes you feel good about how you look. Now, imagine wearing that each day. Without even having to think about it, you would instantly feel confident each day in what you were wearing.

4. It’s less stressful.

On top of saving valuable time and energy, the stress of having to choose an outfit, worrying if the outfit is washed and ready, and worrying about whether or not you will feel/look good is erased.

5. You will feel more put together.

When you have unlimited choices for what to wear, it can be hard to find something that fits right and looks good. But, when your outfit is prechosen and the same thing each day, the guesswork is removed, and you always look put together.

6. You save money.

Having a capsule wardrobe can also save you money. Imagine going to the store each time and grabbing hundreds of dollars worth of clothing, and then not wearing 60% of what you bought. This is the reality of most of us. Now, imagine buying 5 pairs of the same bottoms, five of the same tops, and whatever else you want your capsule to consist of. You wear all of it each day, and none of it goes to waste. You don’t spend hundreds more each time you shop, your shopping is done. Excuse me, while I order 7 pairs of black leggings.

7. Your style becomes iconic.

Think about all of the most iconic people you know, style-wise. What is it that stands out? I’m sure if you think about it, this style has a consistency to it, in some way. Having a consistent look makes you stand out

8. Less clothing to wash.

When I wash clothes, I wash my husband’s uniforms for work and my outfits for the week. Each day, I cycle through about three outfits, depending. My husband’s wardrobe is relatively easy to wash, because he wears his work uniform, and to bed, he wears his undergarments. If I wore a uniform or capsule wardrobe, I could only imagine how many fewer clothes I would wash.

9. You save space.

When opting for minimal clothes, versus closets full of outfits you will likely never wear, or that will stay in the rotation with most being completely overlooked, you would save a lot of space. Think about a closet with 5-7 outfit variations versus what you have now. The saved closet space could clear up clutter and bring peace of mind.

10. You save on waste.

In 2018, clothing accounted for 17 million tons of waste in landfills. Not only does purchasing tons of clothing you will never wear waste your time, energy, and closet space, it’s also cluttering up and polluting the planet. Just recently, Levi’s launched a campaign based on clothing waste in the world, and for good reason. With millions of tons of wasted clothing filling landfills, I would argue if any other reason doesn’t prevent you from a capsule wardrobe, this one should.