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Saturn is finally retrograding as of April 29th and with this, some pretty crazy things will be happening. If you’re the kind of person who usually puts off what needs to be done, becoming more responsible might be in your future.

Saturn’s going to be in retrograde until September 18th, so any and all negative karma you have following you around is going to be brought to the forefront. During the time that this retrograde is underway, you will be working to overcome the things that would otherwise be holding you back so that moving forward is possible. Lots of lessons will be learned and any important decisions that you’ve been meaning to make will be made.

Saturn is a planet that rules over the sign Capricorn and limits us in a number of ways. When it is moving backward we are no longer confined within the boundaries of its restrictions. We are able to really go above and beyond to really push things further than we normally would. That being said, remaining aware of our own limits and maintaining self-control is still very important.

You will be thinking deeper and choosing your words more wisely. However, your patience is going to be tested during the course of this retrograde, big time. When it comes to figuring out which changes need to be made and which ones should be overlooked, try taking a look at them from an outside perspective. Help those closest to you within reason and do the right thing above all else.

This retrograde will also remind us to take care of those who are most important to us. While we may often forget how much we are needed, this will not be one of those moments. Any negative effects you see come forth in your relationships in the months to come are things you need to figure out how to work through. The issues are not always something being driven by another person, sometimes we are falling short without even noticing.

When Saturn is in retrograde you may begin doubting yourself or doing all you can to look brave without actually being brave. Remaining strong is no easy feat but you are capable of more than you realize. Know that through some of the most uncomfortable moments come some of the most amazing things.

One website (i.Horoscope) wrote as follows regarding the influence this retrograde may hold for us all:

“When Saturn is in retrograde, people are starting to analyze life from a deeper level, also to focus on what they’re supposed to do. In a subtle way, they’re also starting to understand it’s impossible to always be in control of their surroundings. During this period, it’s suggested for natives to set their priorities straight and to make use of their time in a wise manner.”

“When it comes to what people are going to experience on a personal level, they may start to realize it’s impossible for them to control everything and some highs and lows with business may take place as well.

Each area governed by Capricorn in a birth chart will be upgraded gradually, natives feeling more responsible and being more disciplined during this retrograde.

It will be easy for many to learn there are some limits in life and that as soon as Saturn will end its retrograde, they’ll be more mature.”

While you may be a bit frustrated right now these influences are going to be working wonders in your life. Growth comes in many shapes and sizes. Don’t allow anything to hold you back during this time, everything that is happening is doing so for a reason. For a bit of inspiration on how to move forth check out the video below.