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The term retrograde is one that is usually associated with negativity; however, the energy of Saturn’s retrograde has plenty of pros. And thankfully it is w

As Saturn is considered to be the taskmaster of the zodiac, we may be finally finding the practical insight, grounded wisdom and dedication it takes to carry out your goals and finally accomplish the things you have been putting off. And it won’t be ending any time soon, as this retrograde will extend into September 18.

While you may be a procrastinator at heart, the energy of Saturn will have you focused and ready to go.

It will also bring a sense of peace, as it is highly associated with karma, justice, dedication, and discipline. Now is the time to make important, life-changing decisions, and to step up your game in all realms and aspects of your life.

If you have been putting off tasks until they are piling up, make a to-do list and get that stuff done!

Conversely, if you have some bad karma that is due, you may find yourself in a sticky circumstance. Move forward with positivity and nothing can stand in your way!

Try to hone in on something you are passionate about, and truly put everything you have into it. It’s likely that this will help you finally accomplish those goals you have yet to get started on. Pay attention to the situations that arise from a new perspective, and as you progress, you my find that this energy could stick with you throughout the rest of the year.