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As we continue to move through February we are all in store for energies that may throw us off in some of the strangest ways. If you’re not usually confrontational, this transit overall could bring out exactly that in you.

Saturn Square Uranus is an energy that when it comes forth most of us end up saying things we otherwise never would. You may during this period face a lot of inner conflicts and struggle with being freer and open around the people closest to you. That being said, it is an energy that brings with it a lot of growth for us all if we’re willing to embrace it.

Astrology King wrote as follows on these energies and how they may affect some of us:

Saturn square Uranus transit occurs about every fourteen years and can bring about change that you don’t want. It also makes it harder to make the kind of changes you do want. This can be a very frustrating time of rising tension and sudden, expected changes. But it does not have to be like that. If you stay open-minded, patient and flexible, what at first seem like challenges, can be turned into opportunities to rid yourself of negative, restrictive, and limiting things in your life.

It is best not to force change that you want but to adapt to changing conditions. Wait to see what areas of life start causing problems and deal with them. This transit will make it obvious what areas of your life are no longer working in your best interests. Your intuition and higher self-awareness may not be working so well. So take notice of the simple, practical things that start making you tense and anxious.

This is not the time to resist change, nor is it the time to overreact. A well-considered, methodical, patient, and step by step approach is best. Commitment and responsibility may be issues that cause stress in relationships or in your career. You may also come to realize that bad habits or outdated beliefs are blocking your progress.

This can be a particularly challenging time if you rely on creative breakthroughs and intuitive insights for your work. If you lack inspiration or face a creative block, you may need to take a new approach to your work, try a new technique, or a change of scene. Also, your personal freedoms and rights may be restricted. If your duties and responsibilities become too oppressive, it is better to make adjustments now before they crystallize as new structures in your life.

Overall, as you can see these energies are nothing to be afraid of but more-so something to be aware of. The more aware you are the more grounded you can ensure you are and from there growth is inevitable. I, for one, am excited for all that is to come of this.

Don’t be too overwhelmed moving forth, embrace what is before you and see where it takes you. This is a chance for us all to make things right or make them worse, that in itself is a powerful experience regardless of how things play out. Stop holding yourself back and ride things out properly.