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During the time in which planets are retrograding, we are forced to look back at who we are and who we once were. In the month of July not only will Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn continue to retrograde, but they will also be joined by several other planets as well.

Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are all currently retrograding and as of July seventh, Mercury will be entering that mixture and be retrograding in Leo. From here Chiron will also be joining the retrograding party on July the eighth. Since retrograding periods are a time in which we should be working to revisit our pasts, that is exactly what most of us will be working on.

While most people will be quite concerned with the retrograde of Mercury, you should keep in mind that it is not going to be as intense this go around. The things going on in our lives are overshadowing the energies surrounding it, big time. Communication if paid close attention to should not be affected much at all.

It seems the most important retrograde to look at during this time is the retrograding of Chiron. Chiron’s retrograde is one that works to heal us in ways that we otherwise would not be capable of. We are through this retrograde able to find interesting parts of ourselves.

Astrology Answers wrote as follows in regards to this retrograde:

We talk about retrograde planets quite a bit, but not often enough about Chiron. Let’s explore Chiron more specifically today. A retrograde occurs when the orbit of a planet or cosmic body appears to change directions, from direct to retrograde.

This doesn’t mean a planet is actually moving backward, it just looks like it is. I always use the analogy of cars on a highway when discussing retrograde motion. If your car is moving forward (direct) at full speed, and a car behind you is moving slower, a look in the rear view mirror makes it appear as if that car is moving faster, but it’s not. Planetary motion is very similar.

A retrograde planet is the planet behind the planets moving in the fast lane. As for Chiron, it’s known as the planet that rules healing and synchronicities. When Chiron is retrograde, you are still going to have opportunities to embrace spiritual healing, and will still see synchronicities. Retrogrades are very connected to our past lives, and our past experiences in this lifetime.

Under Chiron retrograde, you are going to have opportunities to embrace the healing of old wounds, and the energy Chiron sends you along the way is going to help.

While Neptune will be keeping our dreams in check, there is a lot more that will go unnoticed than we realize. Using this time to work to get yourself together as best you can is ideal. This retrograde season is going to be like nothing we’ve experienced before and grounding ourselves properly is one of the only ways to work through that.

Steamy situations and focusing on your loved ones might work much better than you’d expect in the days to come. Spend some time getting to know the people who matter the most in your life and stop obsessing over the things you have no control over. Perhaps you’re ready to move forward in ways you were not aware of until now? Think all that is to come through.

If you’re already feeling a bit nervous and out of place please feel free to check out the video below. While it might not sound as promising as it is, there are a lot of things coming into play right now. Do not overdo anything, know when to back down and when to move forth.