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Saturn will be going retrograde on April 29th and will remain in retrograde until September 18th. This retrograde is going to be one that forces us to be patient and also allows us to become much more restrained.

Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and strongly associated with limitation and restrictions. It is a planet that reminds us of our boundaries and helps us to really focus on the areas we need to focus on in our lives. That being said, when Saturn is retrograding everything is thrown out of whack.

During the time that Saturn is retrograding, we all have to be a bit more closed off and mindful. Saturn is going to be offering each of us a load of double karma that we cannot refuse. During this time we are going to be learning lots of lessons and really getting things situated in our lives.

Astrology King wrote as follows in regards to the influence this retrograde will have over the signs:

Saturn stations retrograde on Monday, April 29, 2019, at 20 ♑ 31. From now until Saturn direct on September 18 you learn your lessons.

Fixed star Dheneb at 20 ♑ 03 gives kindness, charity, liberality, the ability to command, and success in war and martial arts. Constellation Aquila gives great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen penetrating mind and ability for chemical research. The Eagle rules the U.S.A., space exploration, bombs, and missiles.

Mercury square Saturn means the Saturn Retrograde 2019 lessons involve your thoughts and words. Communicating your plans and ideas could become difficult because of negative thinking and misunderstandings. Lack of patience and concentration means it is easy to become distracted. Do not rely on the words of others, and be careful with your own.

When negotiating, doing business, studying or making decisions, pay attention to detail. Indecision and procrastination are also possible. While Saturn is stationary retrograde in particular (April 25 to May 2), seek trusted or professional advice if involved in contract, business or legal matters.

Saturn retrograde 2019 will be especially challenging if you have a history of teasing or verbally abusing people. Gloomy thoughts, bad news or loneliness could have a negative effect on your mental well-being. You may experience some distance or separation in close relationships. If so, it would be the karmic result of using your thoughts and words to make another person feel bad about themselves.

Saturn is a very interesting planet that really changes a lot for each and every one of us. Trust yourself during this time period examine your failures and work towards moving forward. Karma is coming whether you want it to or not, putting things off won’t do you any good. The harder you pull away from these influences the more prominent they will become in your life.

For more information on this whole ordeal and what you should be expecting please feel free to check out the video below. What do you expect from this retrograde and are you ready for it? I for one am nervous but hoping for the best. In the end, whatever the universe wants to happen will happen and accepting that is a step towards truly understanding and aligning with our rawest forms.