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Saturn’s retrograde has been full swing since May 11th and while it’s been intense, it’s also been quite useful for each and every one of us. This retrograde will be coming to an end on September 29th and well, it’s going to take some time for things to even back out. 

As this retrograde has progressed we’ve faced things like emotional upset, distance, irritability, and more but as that wanes we will begin to feel more like ourselves. When this planet goes direct things will need time to get back to what they were before and well, we’re still going to be feeling all over the place for a little while. You see, Saturn is a planet that when it comes to astrology we associate with restrictions and limits. When this planet is moving properly, we feel more bound by the world around us. 

Now that things will be direct we will all be feeling more inclined to follow the rules and less rebellious as we have been for the past few months. Saturn going direct brings a sense of stability and order to our lives and while for some that might feel like a bit of a burden, for others that is exactly what they’ve been lacking. With Saturn properly functioning once again self-control will be highlighted, and we will all be working to better understand ourselves in new ways. 

While this retrograde began in the sign Aquarius it is ending in Capricorn. When Saturn is direct in Capricorn we can all be more aware of the things going on in our lives. While it might bring out fear in some people, this whole ordeal will also help them to figure out what it is they desire most in this life. 

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows about Saturn in Capricorn energies:

Self-preservation instincts are strong with Saturn in Capricorn. You are far more responsible than most people, but you can have a love-hate relationship with this side of you. In fact, you may set such high standards for yourself that it can feel much more comfortable to denounce ambition and material success entirely. Walking away can give you a sense of being in control, and fear of not being in control can be a driving force in your life! However, this can be limiting and can serve only to feed your insecurities. In truth, there can be strong desires for success buried deep inside you, but you have a hard time accepting your ambitious side. You need to watch carefully, too, for internalizing all of this and becoming somewhat pessimistic, discouraged, or bitter.

In truth, you have a heightened sense of responsibility, and it’s greater than it is for most people. Because it’s so weighty, it can mess you up, and you end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, bowing out of things too quickly because you sense they will be far too much to handle. Giving up before you start is a common issue with this natal position. You can be harsher on yourself than is warranted, and this can prevent you from entering a commitment that would otherwise benefit you. Looking around you, you may feel that others seem far less burdened or responsible, and it can seem that life is easier for them. Fear of failure can be a persistent issue in your life, and you can do much to protect yourself from the risks of failing–a defense mechanism that ultimately limits you in critical ways.

I know, times have been a bit crazy as of late but as we move closer and closer towards the end of 2020 things are beginning to wind down. We are all well on our way to something special. Believe in yourself and do not let the energies before you go to waste.