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As 2020 unfolds we are all beginning to experience the energies that this year has in store for us. Sure, there is a full moon/lunar eclipse duo on the 10th but something even more intense is coming on the 12th.

On the 12th of this month, Saturn and Pluto will be conjucting one another. This happening in Capricorn and holding power over most of us whether we’re willing to admit it or not. The meeting of these two planets is something that changes us all. While this whole ordeal will make us all tougher, it is something that can be a bit hard to handle.

Chances are that even though it’s not quite the 12th yet, you’re already feeling some of the energies surrounding this event. If you feel like you need to be more grounded in reality or that you need to get things done, that is likely a manifestation of these energies. While both of these planets bring forth different things when in Capricorn as they work together they allow us to find balance and search through the darkest parts of ourselves in order to gain clarity.

In regards to these energies wrote as follows:

Some of the more positive feedback that I’ve received from folks about these transits thus far includes the following ideas: from the Pluto influence, there’s an experience of unfolding, recombobulation, exhilaration, and deepening, while the Saturn influence is helping to refine, accept, recover, and affirm. While the January 12 conjunction between these two planets has the potential to be a very big deal, with its exact flavors and nuances to be shown to us in real-time, the overarching sense I get from the two placements, as they have shown themselves so far, is one of deepening into our simple responsibilities and realizing what is enough. Where we have too much, we will likely be asked to let go of the excess. Where we have too little, we may be asked to make sure we have enough! It seems like a pull-up-your-bootstraps and keep-your-chin up kind of moment. While also staying rooted in the practical and keeping our perspectives broadened, we’ve got to see that every moment is part of all-time, and vice versa. It’s a huge thought. One that is exercised little by little, in each moment. Stay grounded and do what’s practical. Pay your bills (on time!). Brush your teeth (and floss!). I’ll see you on the other side of this conjunction when we can share our stories of how it was.

Because these planets will be interlocked for a longer period of time than most their influence will be prominent in our lives for a lot longer than you might have in mind. Both of these planets tend to offer us a strong sense of a need for change and while it can be overwhelming for some, it is quite the experience for us all. The more we allow these energies a presence in our lives the better things will end up being as things play out properly. 

This in itself is a new cycle and as it is carried out we also begin new cycles. We start new things and clear our minds in the best possible ways. Use these energies to your advantage and find yourself and the life you want to live as they take over your being. 

For more information on this conjunction please feel free to check out the video below. Will you be making the most of what is to come or will you be trying to fight these energies? I for one cannot wait to see where they take me.