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Saturn while retrograding highlighted a lot of things in our lives that we needed to work on and now that it is direct we should be learning life lessons and making changes within our own day to day experiences. Over the past few weeks things have been crazy and as we wind down and get back to normal nothing will remain as we might have expected it to. 

Saturn officially went direct just the other day on September 18th and chances are you felt quite the relief as it made an exit. That being said, the energies we’re stuck inside of are not going to be forgiving. Since Saturn is present in its home sign Capricorn it is slowing us down and allowing us to actually get things done. 

While Saturn holds serious karmic energies it isn’t going to be pushing us to do things we’re not ready for. If you’re feeling drawn to some kind of experience then that experience is something that you are able to handle. The lessons this planet brings aren’t always easy to deal with and some can be quite painful but you will grow in ways you might have never expected through them. 

Right now you should be looking for recognition in the things you have recently achieved and really being as confident as possible when moving forward. Do not allow the world around you to take away from the things you’re doing and going through in general. While you might not have been expecting these energies avoiding them is not possible so embracing them will do you some good. 

In regards to Saturn going direct Astrology Answers wrote as follows:

You may wonder, how does Saturn in Capricorn affect me? This Saturn in Capricorn transit elevates your goals and ambitions. Being in the sign it naturally rules, Saturn feels comfortable pushing you even more professionally. The way things have been can’t remain the same. You need to make progress, achieve success, and get attention for what you do.

This isn’t an easy thing to achieve though. Saturn in Capricorn always wants you to act in the right way and for the right reasons. You need to make smart choices, practice discipline and maturity, create plans that you stick to, and act responsibly. Saturn doesn’t reward you for taking shortcuts or being inconsiderate or not growing up. That makes Saturn really mad, and then comes the Saturn drama!

When you do what Saturn wants you to, this is when you can achieve and succeed. And not in little ways either, but in really big ones. The most common time when people achieve their greatest success in life usually comes under prominent Saturn transits (especially Saturn to the Midheaven, whose natural ruling planet is Saturn).

Allow yourself to be more serious during this time but don’t forget to take care of your emotional well-being. If you need a break take one and if you feel like things are getting too intense don’t hesitate to step back. You are in charge of the life you live, be present in each moment.