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If you live in North America, chances are you’ll be seeing something quite interesting tonight in the sky. As the moon and the planet Saturn are currently quite close, being able to see both in the night sky will be quite easy.

Whether you’re using a telescope or just looking around with your naked eyes, you will be able to see the two quite prominently. All you have to do is look to the moon and then to the left to see the marvels Saturn holds. This peculiar sight will be present tonight (September 7th) and tomorrow night (the night of the 8th).

That being said, there is also going to be something even more amazing in the sky just to the right of both and that is the planet Jupiter. The energies these three share is going to provide us all with a bit of stress and discomfort but not for too terribly long.

You should expect to feel a bit emotionally reserved and more detached than ever but this is not something you are incapable of handling. Remember that sometimes we think too much and take life as well as the things in it too seriously. Do not allow your mind to dwell on the neglect you’ve been allowing yourself to deal with lately.

If while out and looking remember that stars and planets are very different from one another in our night skies. While stars twinkle and seem to come across as glowing planets do not. They maintain their light but are also nowhere near as bright. How many times have you noticed a planet present in the sky and were you able to tell which one you were looking at?

To keep updated on this interesting celestial event please take a peek at the video below. It will give you a good idea at where these planets will be in proximity to the moon and give you directions to stick within your own mind. Look to Sagittarius and let us know what you notice, I for one cannot wait to see these beauties tonight. Sure, the rest of the planets are hiding but this is a treat I cannot pass up.