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The Saturn and Capricorn configuration only takes place every 28-30 years, and during these times, a lot of change comes into focus. As old structures and belief systems fall, new ones come into play, and true transformation comes to the surface.

While Saturn is more authoritative and about restricting ourselves and maintaining control to the point of even giving us a harsh reality check- Capricorn’s job is nearly the same, as it rules over the structures of life and society. When this conjunction comes into play, we may find that these areas are the ones that become the areas of focus.

Oftentimes, corruption is brought to light, outdated structures of authority are replaced with newer ones, and we begin to tear down what isn’t working, replacing it with what seems to be more fitting for the now.

If you have been dealing with toxicity in your life, you will begin to see that the universe has a funny way of outing negative people by showing you their true nature. Betrayal and deceit are revealed, and if our habits have been out of control, they are likely to spiral to rock bottom, so we can see them for what they are and either change or be changed.

If we look at things in the big picture, we could see meaningful change take place in the world, and justice finally comes into play for the various human rights violations throughout the world. Oppressive regimes may come to an end in many regions, or at the very least be replaced by seemingly better alternatives. While this isn’t the case, there is a sense of universal transformation that comes with this planetary alignment.

As climate change has become a major figurehead of urgency, there could be new regulations and steps taken to thwart the damage, and the themes of revolution will gain prominence.

At this time, the best steps to take are to speak love and light into the universe. If you notice injustice, incorporate it into your prayers and magical workings. Meditate on living in a better world, and practice self-discipline for self-improvement. At the end of this time frame, take my word: significant change and transformation will be the theme to look back on, and you may very well be an entirely different person when it is done.