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With Saturn about to go direct things are going to be changing very soon. On September 18th the stressful planet will finally begin to turn as per usual and perhaps we’re all in store for some changes.

While it might not feel like it just yet as this ordeal comes closer and closer to occurrence we’re all going to notice energies building up and of course, that sense of pressure finally release. While Saturn is retrograding we are all facing challenges that throw us off and bring things to a place where we struggle tremendously. Saturn in itself is a very friendly sign but its retrograding period is not forgiving in the least bit.

For quite some time now we have all felt as though we needed to face things we could not and have been working to re-establish boundaries that we’ve been struggling with but now once all of this is said and done we will be able to finally accomplish exactly that. While the lessons that come forth with Saturn going direct are sometimes hard to grasp, they all come forth with great reason. During the weeks to come Saturn is going to be getting back to normal and finding itself again.

We will all be embracing Karma and facing energies that we otherwise would fear. Do not let the shortcuts entice you, do all the hard work you need to do and put forth intense efforts to get where you need to be. While a slow-moving planet, Saturn packs a powerful punch, and we should all be as aware of that as possible.

Elsa Elsa wrote as follows on their website in regards to this celestial situation:

Saturn’s direct motion will allow each of us to move ahead. You may not fly or skip or twirl to your future but if you’re committed to a goal, you should see clear signs of progress. Your movement may be slow but if you’re moving in the right direction, that’s good enough.

You can compare this to going on a (serious) diet. You’re losing weight… then you stall out… then you get back on it and start dropping whatever it is that’s weighing you down.

I have to say something else, just because I’m a realist. Bad things that are stalled will also move at this time. I’m talking about illness, for example.

Point is, with Saturn retrograde, progress is suspended in some way, to some degree. With Saturn direct, the clock moves ahead.

For more information on this please feel free to check out the video below. While these energies might sound like a lot they will teach you more than they will show you. Lessons have to be learned and avoiding them will do you no good.