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As we move through the last bit of the year 2020, we are now seeing Saturn finally enter Aquarius. This is powerful because of the energies it brings but that doesn’t mean we should forget how powerful Saturn already was back when Saturn was present in Capricorn.

All of the celestial bodies have their drawbacks depending on the sign they’re in. This is something we have to accept, however, it appears that with Saturn in Aquarius things are shifting quite rapidly. If you’re energy sensitive then you know exactly what I mean.

Saturn will be spending a very long time in Aquarius and this for many of us means allowing things from the past to come back and bite us in the rear end. We will all be on edge, one way or another. If you’re feeling down and out, then you need to take the time to let out your emotions and take control of your life.

Cafe Astrology wrote as follows on some of the energies we should all be expecting:

It can certainly be a time when we are more cautious and careful in our social lives. New ways of approaching others can figure strongly during this period. We’re doing things differently because of our new perspective on friendship, community, and socializing. As we look at these things more critically, different methods/approaches naturally emerge.

It’s a great time for technological advances that improve the community, that bring more structure to our lives, and that help us connect more effectively. Even so, there can be more rules and structures imposed upon technology that may feel overly done or restrictive.

We are no longer satisfied with plans, goals, or dreams that don’t hold weight or that aren’t realistic and doable. Our strong sense of both the past and future can lead to powerful decisions and inventions or improvements. Ideally, we’re able to put our egos aside to do what’s best for the collective.

Saturn in its own sign doesn’t look to other influences for approval. It’s the final disposition and thus has the last word.

Now, below I am going to go over some things it seems each sign has forgotten or lost during their time with Saturn in Capricorn. While these things might be confusing at first, do what you feel is right within. There are tons of options.


Saturn for a while there had taken a lot of the things that push you to focus on the people you care about away. You’ve been throwing yourself into your work and that needs to change. Make time for the people around you.


Saturn worked hard to help you find yourself and while you do feel better, this change is bound to bring doubt forth. Remember who you are and where you come from. You’ve got a long ways to go but at least you’ve got a plan.


Saturn is a planet that holds great power, just like you. It has helped you get through some of the roughest moments of your life as of late and as it moves into Aquarius you’re all over the place. Don’t be too shocked, you’ve been suppressed for so long.


Saturn is a planet that has brought you a lot of pain lately but all of that is changing right now. You’re letting go and moving forth, that is amazing. These are steps towards really making the most of the talent you have, don’t hold back.


Saturn for a long time helped keep you comfortable as best it could. Sure, that wasn’t enough but it did help. You are about to start stressing over your everyday life soon and you just need to know you’re not alone.


Saturn while in Capricorn was more than glad to wipe away all that brought a smile to your face and well, I am here to wipe that sadness away even more than you’d expect. You’ve been doing so good lately and but you feel like you’re at your breaking point. Keep in mind, ‘when in doubt don’t back out’ it might come in handy.


For a long time now you have been getting into argument after argument, and it’s exhausting. You should be thinking things through and working your problems out but for some reason, you won’t. Saturn has a huge plan for you and it involves taking away the hardships you’ve faced in the ways that can be managed.


You yearn to be heard but it feels like there is no one to listen to your blabbering. The truth is, there is a lot more to you than what most people think. Saturn might bite a bit, but you shouldn’t be too worried about the things to come. Hold onto your ride though things will be getting bumpy.


With Saturn in Aquarius, we can begin to undo the things that were done throughout the past three years. You’re going to be feeling more stable than ever and really begin having a way with your words. You might not realize it right now but someone has their eyes on you.


Things are not always what they seem and yet you always seem to be so content with the world around you. Saturn for a long time has been bringing you a sense of peace but all of that is about to shatter. You need to stop being so reckless, the shocking situations to come may really knock your socks off.


Saturn being in Capricorn worked wonders on your emotional state. You really had a lot going on, and you didn’t know who to talk to about it or if anyone else would ever understand. Energies can be overwhelming, and you will find that in time things get much easier.


Saturn took from you, your ability to doubt yourself. Sure, you can feel icky here and there but overall you’re going to be enjoying yourself. There is a lot to look forward to in this life and making the most of it matters. Don’t keep shutting out the people who only want you to feel better.