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Saturn will be going direct on the 18th of this month (September) and with that, we should not be getting ourselves worked up. These energies and shifts are going to seriously change how we move forth.

For those who do not know Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn and is a planet that when direct and moving properly we strongly associate with limits and restrictions. Sure, many think the energies Saturn brings are depressing and hard to face but those who understand them properly embrace them and see the positive side. Saturn is a very disciplined celestial body and it brings us all to really grow in ways we otherwise wouldn’t.

Saturn in current times is working to teach us lessons and allow us to learn how to trust our inner selves. Through all of the shifting, we’re experiencing we all will be feeling a bit under pressure and things we could never imagine will be coming forth. As Saturn goes direct we will all be feeling more willing to take on our adult side and embrace it.

In regards to Saturn and it influences Astrology Zodiac Signs wrote as follows:

Saturn represents our system’s visible boundary to the outer Universe and as such, speaks well of boundaries on a personal level too. When in a challenging position, it represents the inability of a person to defend themselves or build walls to the outer world, other people, and circumstances that are difficult and burdening. It is the restriction itself, always pointing us towards our true path, but one we often fail to see as beneficent in any way. The clarity of faith Saturn requires to manifest in its highest form is almost unreachable, as a point in which we accept anything that happens, all hardships and obstacles standing in our way, as if they are there in the right place, at the right time, and fully our personal responsibility.

The sense of responsibility it brings often leads to feelings of incompetence and guilt, and the demands it has for any planet, house and sign it comes to contact with, are always burdening and hard. Even with the best of positions, Saturn is still the boundary that the society we live in puts on our personal world, and only if it truly supports us will we be able to blossom in the system we are a part of. It respects schedules, planning, and hard work. You can’t run away from obligations it brings, so the best thing to do is to dive in, accept all that comes your way, and hope for the best while embracing the signals Universe sends your way every day.

As the days pass Saturn will also be aligning with the South Node which for many brings balance. We all will be looking more in-depth at our surroundings and working to clear things through our own minds that we otherwise would remain stuck on for a long time. Life comes in many shapes and sizes, you can’t always read things in the ways you feel like you should be able to. 

Your soul will be growing in the weeks to come and it is going to make you a lot more ‘you’ than you have ever been. Do not allow yourself to be afraid, this is a positive thing for everyone who faces it. Let go of any conflicts you’re experiencing internally and embrace your truth.