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There are tons of different $exual orientations a person can have but one not many people realize exists is sapio$exuality. Sapio$exuality is quite interesting and well, honestly it’s pretty amazing.

Those who are sapio$exuals are attracted to a person’s intelligence more-so than anything else. Intelligence in itself is what arouses them versus just seeing someone’s muscles or other things of that sort. Basically, if you want to turn on a sapio$exual you might need to use your mind rather than anything else.

Psychology Today wrote as follows further breaking down what sapio$exuality is:

Those who are sapio$exual are stimulated or challenged by the way another person thinks. They are basically in love with the mind. Sometimes, sapio$exual individuals have also been called “nymphobrainiacs,” or individuals who find it arousing to engage with the intellectual perspective of another person. To some, the word nymphobrainiac sounds a bit extreme or pathological.

Librarians, teachers, professors, and others associated with learning institutions are often targets of sapio$exual persons. In an anthology released a few weeks ago, called The Sexy Librarian’s Big Book of Erotica, Bix Warden writes in the introduction how librarians are often featured in sexual fantasies. He agrees that the brain is the sexiest organ in the body and says that intelligence is sexy. Though you don’t have to be a librarian to be sexy, he states that librarians are often smart and sexy, read across many genres, and can converse on many different subjects.

In so many realms, including sexuality, much of who we are has its roots in our childhood. What happened during our childhoods serves as a foundation of who we are, especially in connection with intimacy. Much depends upon our relationship with the opposite-sex parent, our first love experience, and our first intimate encounter. Perhaps what we look for in a partner is what we always wanted in ourselves. It also might be the catalyst or portal to knowledge of our deeper selves.

For example, I know someone who, as a child, was told by her mother that she was not smart. For this reason, she always craved intelligence in herself and in her lovers. It has long been known that women who were adored by their fathers expect or desire the same in their mates. They tend to stay clear of those who treat them poorly or with disrespect. On the other hand, if a male had a mother who was unavailable, needy, or narcissistic, then he will try to receive love from a woman who is also unable to provide it. If you were safe and nurtured as a child, then you will feel safe, valued, and protected by your adult partner. Feeling these sentiments invariably leads to better sex and intimacy.

I guess you could say, while sapio$exuals do find other things attractive about their partners their intelligence is the most attractive thing regardless of the other things. This whole concept as a whole is quite mind-blowing and in some ways heart-warming when you really think about it. Sapio$exuals aren’t usually really attracted sexually to someone until they’ve formed some kind of connection and are able to really pick this person’s brain. 

While as a sapio$exual person you might think ‘wow that person is beautiful’ but you’re not going to be so overwhelmed by someone’s physical appearance that you cannot ignore the urge to talk to them or try to get them in the sack. For the sapio$exual to really want someone there needs to be something more driving things and well, when it comes to physical appearances alone those just aren’t enough.

To learn more about sapio$exuals and perhaps find out if you are one take a look at the video below. While I am not one I do feel that I need to have some kind of connection with a person before diving down the physically intimate hole. Things like this are confusing but understanding them better is a wonderful thing.