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Sagittarius season is here and it is working wonders in our lives. While we normally move through the motions and go about our business, many of us are finding that breaking free and chasing our dreams is a much better option.

While Sagittarius season did begin on November 22nd its energies were not as full capacity until recently. These energies will be following us into the beginning of December and affecting us until the 21st so being aware of them is quite important. As you may know, when it comes to zodiac signs Sagittarius people are often quite free-spirited and not as willing to remain in one place as the rest of us are. 

When Sagittarius season is in play we all gain some of these aspects within ourselves. You might find that your inner wild side is itching to break out and the more you try to contain it the harder things become. While Sagittarius energies are not easy to face, they are quite overwhelming and demand to be worked through rather than ignored.

In regards to these energies wrote as follows on their website:

Globe-trotting Sagittarius is represented by the Archer, who shoots his arrows out into the world — usually several at the same time and in all different directions. This is a time for exploration and expansion, with a potential for over-extension and over-indulgence.

Sagittarius is considered the luckiest zodiac sign, naturally attracting and spreading good fortune and easily bouncing back from the occasional misfortune. The American holiday Thanksgiving falls during the Sagittarius season, reminding us that by noticing what we’re grateful for, we generate more abundance and blessings.

Right now we’re all going to be more inclined to break free from our boundaries and cross beyond any limits that are set before us. During this time period, it is important to do all we can to keep our vibrations as high as possible and work through any negative things that may come forth from the actions we are taking. The more we face the more we will also be forced to grow.

Forever Conscious noted as follows in regards to the things Sagittarius has in store for each of us:

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur aiming its arrow and it too is passionate about creating a new world vision.

The Centaur is a healer and holds a wisdom that is beyond this world. Its bow and arrow are said to symbolize its psychic nature, as the Centaur never misses and always knows how to aim in the right direction.

While the Centaur has the gift of foresight, it also trusts that no matter which direction its arrow is fired in, it will always be able to make the most of the journey and gain wisdom and growth throughout the process, no matter the outcome.

Sagittarius Season 2019 brings some strong energies to work with but let’s remember that within all of us, this idea of the Centaur exists too, and if we start to trust that wherever our arrow lands is where we are meant to be, we will be able to relax and enjoy the journey so much more.

Sagittarius Season is going to feel much lighter than the Scorpio Season passed and the Capricorn Season that’s ahead, so let’s use this energy to focus on aiming our arrows in the direction of fun, lightness, and laughter.

Let us try and focus on what brings us joy and make it a priority in our lives. Let us seek adventure, travel, learn new things, and get excited about the possibilities of what life has to offer.

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to really light the fires of your passions and make changes in your life now is your chance. Make the most of this Sagittarius season and see where things take you. You might finally work through all that has been holding you back in recent times.