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While Scorpio Season has been great it is now time to face Sagittarius Season. On November 22nd Sagittarius takes over and because of this, we will be facing a lot.

Sagittarius is a sign that makes us all feel a bit more generous and big-spirited. You will be much more truthful while the Sun is in Sagittarius and you might even find yourself showing your adventurous side a bit more. Scorpio has brought us through some challenges but Sagittarius is going to really calm the storm within each of us.

You will be opening up to all the things before you and you will no longer be so frustrated with the world around you. Sagittarius is a fire sign so it’s impact can be quite intense and the passion within you will really be burning through. During this time you should put yourself out there and really try new things. Enjoy yourself for once and really take a look at your life from an outside perspective.

You will find yourself becoming much more in tune with the experiences before you. It will be as if you have finally found a sense of freedom and honestly, you should enjoy it while you can. You will be able to focus on yourself and really get your thoughts in order for once. Things are headed in a good direction and if you waste any time you will end up regretting it.

Allow optimism to cove over your being and really face your true self; let go of anger and grow stronger in doing so. Sagittarius is a very powerful sign and its influence over you will be drastic. The more optimistic you are during this period, the better.

To learn more about Sagittarius Season and what it might hold for your sign please check out the video below. What do you think about the energies before you? While their influence will be strong, it will be marvelous.