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As you may be aware the Sagittarius new moon is almost here and will be quite prominent once it does occur. While it might be a very unique moon in itself, that doesn’t mean we cannot use it to benefit in the ways we feel are necessary.

The new moon occurring on November 26th might already have you feeling as if you need to break free but these energies are not as complex as they feel. Allowing your own perspective to shift and embracing them is a great idea within reason. While excitement is bound to find you, remain as cool and collected as you can in the mean-time. 

For this new moon ritual, you’re going to need to come to terms with your future and where you are in the present moment if you really want things to work. While new moons are usually a time for us to recharge and relax in a sense of renewal, right now things are going to be a bit hectic. Rather than recharging we’re going to be facing changes and growing in ways we otherwise would not be capable of.

Sagittarius New Moon Ritual

Things Needed:



Smudging Tools – whichever work best for you (white sage suggested)

Comfortable Spot In Nature



Small Shovel

Small Plant Of Your Choosing

Lighter or Matches – suggested but optional


Now that you have all you need for this ritual go to your comfortable spot in nature and smudge the area, yourself, and your things. Make sure that everything is cleansed properly and as it should be. From here you can move forth without having to feel overwhelmed.

Using the small shovel dig a hole. This hole doesn’t have to be huge but should be at least big enough for the jar and plant to fit into with room/comfortably.

Now that you have your hole you’re going to ground yourself and meditate for a moment sitting quietly. Take your pen and paper and write out all you want to let go of as this moon brings its energies forth. Anything that has been bringing you down needs to make an exit. 

Once you’ve done that place it within the hole and burn it (or tear it up if you cannot use fire for some reason). Now using another piece of paper write down all the things you want to accomplish as November ends and the new decade comes within the next few weeks. What is it that you feel needs to happen and where do you need to be?

After doing this place that paper to the side leaving it intact. Now focus on the small mirror. Look at yourself and make sure your intent is clear. Through this ritual, you will be letting go of the old and facing the new openly. Everything that holds no purpose it to make its way from your life to embrace all the good to come. 

Place the ashes from the past (the ones in the hole) inside of the jar and then fold the paper holding your future on it up and place it in there as well. Place the jar inside of the hole add a little dirt and then the plant topping it off properly.

This represents you and your life. You are through the times to come going to rise up from the ashes of your past and grow into a person you can be proud of. If you feel the need smudge once more and then head back inside. All is done here.


Astrology King – new moon November