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While there are some pretty violent sports out there in this world, this one has got to be one of the most interesting. While the name doesn’t sound like much each match seems to be more intense than the next.

Slapping contests have been happening all over Russia for quite some time and are basically adult men slapping the shit out of each other. The slaps basically keep coming until one man surrenders. It is organized in what you could call an elimination-style competition and the longer things last, the worse they get.

Now while it seems to be most popular in Russia, it can be found elsewhere in the world and happens even in the US from time to time. One of the most recent events in regards to this sport happened at the Sarychev Power Expo and videos from it have been racking in the views since posted in April. While this is supposed to prove who is the strongest, it leaves everyone with red faces and I would assume quite a migraine.

Instagram: RussianBears33

Instagram: RussianBears33

Instagram: RussianBears33


I could also imagine the risk of concussion or damage to the head would be quite prevalent. Sure, the name and idea might not sound as deadly as it really could be but there are still many risks that can be tied into this sport. While most sports come with some kind of pain or humiliation could this be a bit much? Why is it we are for the most part quite fascinated in watching others fight, to begin with?

Thousands gather to watch and many are more than willing to participate. While the public has mixed feelings about this sport it is entertaining either way. If you can take a hit to the face well on repeat, it might be the sport for you.

To see these professional slappers at work feel free to check out the video below. That being said, if you already can’t handle things like boxing, MMA, or so forth you might want to skip out. It is not for those who are easily thrown off. I for one am getting a headache from watching. As the contest continues everyone who moves forward gets more and more swollen making it all the harder to watch.