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We all know that the stars reveal a lot about us, but have you ever wondered exactly what those things were? Even the smallest things can make the most enormous differences when it comes to astrology.

Each sign in itself is quite different from the rest. Some listen to their hearts more and others their heads. To be honest, we all have different ruling ‘body parts’ that seem to really control our lives be it in one way or another. While sometimes it might be a bit confusing, knowing this kind of thing will be very beneficial in the long-run.

If you’ve never stopped to think about why you do the things you do now is the time. Look more into your zodiac sign and read into the traits you hold. In this article, I am going to go over each ruling body part for the signs and what that means for those who wish to understand. This kind of thing all boils down to ‘medical astrology’ which in itself can be quite confusing. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t ignore your heart or your gut, your answers might be below.

Aries – Eyes

Aries people are always sharp and alert. They can see everything that is going on even when they’re busy. They are very focused and always feel as though they need to make eye contact. They tend to really delve into the souls of others through this and thus making their eyes very important.

Taurus – Throat

Taurus people are usually the kinds of people who do not go without speaking their minds. They are always voicing their opinions and never holding back. Their necks usually come across as very strong and thick. You might note that they are much more prominent than those of most other people. It is also important to note that Taurus people tend to have a lot of issues with their necks, they have far more sore throats than most other signs.

Gemini – Hands

Gemini people tend to be quite hands-on in more ways than most realize. They are constantly working on things and trying to accomplish their goals. They through really getting their hands dirty receive great pleasure and comfort. You won’t find this sign just sitting on the sidelines refusing to put forth an effort.

Cancer – Chest

Ironically the Cancer people are often very in tune with their chest/hearts. They are easily the most nurturing sign and most fit for this connection. They experience a lot of heartache sometimes but are also for the most part unable to really ignore the things their inner being pushes them to do.

Leo – Back

Leo people are known to be very kind and warmhearted individuals, but they also have a very prominent backbone. They will not be stepped on and are not to be fucked with. If they know something needs to be said, they will say it.

Virgo – Intestines

Virgo people are quite in tune with their instincts. They listen to their guts and are quick to tell when something is going on. While subject to digestive issues they are usually quite on point.

Libra – Kidneys

Libra rules the kidneys and because of this Libra people are much more balanced than others. They are able to adjust as they see fit and do not hold themselves back. Sure, they can sometimes fall out of sequence but even in the worst moments, they hold their own. If they struggle too much they might end up with some kind of serious issue in this area.

Scorpio – Bladder

Scorpio people hold their own when it comes to their bladder. They are quite sensitive and when overdone tend to fall apart. If the Scorpio has to go, he or she will not wait around. These people know without a doubt that if they don’t take what they need when they have the opportunity before them something bad could happen.

Sagittarius – Liver

Sagittarius people are all about going on adventures and moving forward, right? Well in all of this they are also quite prone to over-indulgence. This kind of thing leaves them having a lot of problems within their liver. They like to really go the extra mile and sometimes that seriously throws things off. You can read more on this by clicking here.

Capricorn – Knees

Capricorn people are able to do a lot more than most the sign itself riles the bones, joints, and most prominently the knees. Because this sign is always on the go and working hard those born in it are often facing orthopedic problems and so forth. They do not know when to stop, their very being is constantly willing them to get up and out there.

Aquarius – Circulatory System

Aquarius people tend to face a lot of issues with cramps, allergies, and so forth but are also very powerful. They hold power over the circulatory system and are able to keep themselves in check. They know that getting what they need is important and always make sure at least that much is taken care of.

Pisces – Feet

Pisces people tend to be quite foot oriented. They love foot massages and are always down to have a pedicure. They love to relax and through the feet is the best way to get that done.

While some of these may sound weird all of them will make sense to those who need to see them. The body parts we rule over or that rule over us can be quite peculiar but are all worth being aware of. What do you feel about the body part your sign ended up with?

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