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As we move into the last month of 2020, we are facing lots of different energies. The more we know about what is to come, the more we can ground ourselves more properly.

In recent times, I have decided to take the time to put together a ritual that would help me heal a bit and grow in the right ways for the coming year. Since we are facing the last month of 2020, it is time for us all to let go of the toxicity before us and work to find a sense of control once again. Sure, this might not be easy to do but it is important.

The ritual below is one that I will be doing just about every week for the month of December. While this might sound like a lot, even doing it just once can help you grow and challenge the energies before you. Things are heating up as we continue to progress and getting through things properly is going to really come in handy.

Ritual Of Release: Take Back Your Power And Shake Off Toxicity

Things Needed:

Three Candles
Safe Comfortable Place
Pen or Pencil
Smudging Tools


Finding your safe comfortable place take the time to set the mood properly and smudge your surroundings. You want to make sure there are no stagnant energies waiting around. While this might sound a bit extra to some, setting the right mood is imperative.

From here you will sit comfortably and relax as best you can. Give yourself a moment to clear your mind before taking the time to light the candles. When you light each one make sure you focus on intentions. One will be for the past, one will be for the future, and of course the last for the present.

Now that the candles are flowing and you’re relaxed, think about the things before you and where you are in your life. Consider what you need to do and what you need to let go of. I know, it might be hard to get your thoughts in sequence but work hard and you will achieve a lot.

Now that you’ve done this write down three things you want to let go of and three things you want to do moving forward. Fold this up and meditate over it for a few moments. After this, blow out the candle of the past all the while keeping in mind that you need to move on from those three things and that you are on to better situations.

Once the past candle is out, the future candle is next to be blown. Blow it out while thinking about the things you wish to accomplish. From there the last candle still going should be your present candle and this candle is one you should focus on more than the rest. Remind yourself that you need to be more in the moment and that the past and future do not define you in the moment you’re facing, period.

This ritual might seem simple but overall it will help you overcome a lot. Once you’ve finished place that paper in a safe spot for next time you do this ritual. Things will be looking up soon, believe in yourself.