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For the past few months, we have been enjoying the retrograde free life! But those smooth sailing waters are about to be long gone.

These energies are confusing and frustrating for many of us and because we’re experiencing such an intense retrograde season, it’s quite clear why. Not only is Mercury about to go retrograde but Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, and Neptune will all follow suit. Please don’t look at this as just a time of doom and gloom! It is not time to throw the towel in on 2021 just yet.

The planets play a vital role in supervising our everyday activities and the same has been concluded by most people. Their ascendancy brings vital changes in the thoughts and lifestyles of the natives. Their transits effectively manifest these refinements in the lives of individuals. The science talks about nine planets, however, as per the heritage of Vedic Astrology, a total of seven planets are taken into contemplation.

Saturn takes the limelight on May 23rd, and things will start feeling really disappointing and restricted. During that time we should be doing our best to keep our chins up and focus on the future. While the here and now matters as well, we can’t just pretend that we’re not trying to get somewhere specific.

As we continue through May Mercury will follow, and we all know what happens when Mercury goes retrograde. Everything will start to feel chaotic, things will get misunderstood and with Gemini being the host communication will be at a standstill.

Mercury retrograde Spring 2021 begins on May 29. This marks the second Mercurial backspin of the year! Mercury is the planet that rules communication think about your thinking, timing, and scheduling, so its pesky retrograde can really throw things off for everyone. You already know the drill, chaos, typos, tech troubles, and missed appointments. You will want to double-check your text messages, calendars, and appointment books.

During the time that this planet is present in this sign, we will all be a bit on edge and more tuned into our romantic lives. We will see what those who matter to us the most truly want and work to strengthen the bonds we have with the people we love the most.

Next comes Jupiter, Jupiter contains much softer energy than Mercury provides while in retrograde. Because of this, many of us may not have even realize what is happening. However, others may have experienced a search for the self that included searching everywhere but within. Due to this, we may be immersing yourself in any mind-expanding experience, especially those of us that are Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.

Then comes Neptune as the last to the party, Neptune will be causing our boundaries to disappear, and for those of you in the midst of existential crisis from the previously mentioned retrograde, this can be catastrophic. If your cards are played properly, and you are spiritually in tune though, this could be just the thing you needed. As your ego-identity falls apart, you will see yourself in a whole new light, and you will also see some universal love seeping through.

While retrogrades can cause a lot of chaos and frustration in all aspects of our lives, they are not necessarily something to be feared! When you really take the time to pause and work on the negatives in your life the period of time when the planets are in retrograde can be really helpful to our lives. We learn to take a breath and work on ourselves and our dreams for the future. We take a step back so that we can ultimately take a giant leap forward into a brighter future.

Embrace these energies; the good and the bad! The energies of the universe are not something to be wasted.