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As we move through the rest of June tons of energies are at play. Not only are we being pushed towards growth, but we’re also being pulled towards the past. 

These energies are confusing and frustrating for many of us and because we’re experiencing such an intense retrograde season, it’s quite clear why. Not only is Mercury now retrograding but Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all still retrograding as well. While most of these celestial beings have been retrograding for a little while now, they’re not dying down anytime soon. 

From now at least until the end of June we should be as cautious as possible with how things are playing out. Sure, Pluto is bringing out our generous side but that doesn’t mean we should be doing everything for everyone. We should still be keeping an eye on things and second-guessing some moves we make before we make them.

Right now it feels like Saturn is in the limelight as we’re all really feeling quite disappointed and restricted. During this period we should all be doing our best to keep our chins up and focus on the future. While the here and now matters as well, we can’t just pretend that we’re not trying to get somewhere specific. 

As we continue to move through June these energies will die down a bit as Venus will go direct on June 25th. This meaning we won’t be struggling as much with the people in our lives. Since this Mercury retrograde is a positive one the chaos before us seems to mostly be coming from Venus itself when it comes to our love lives and our friendships. That having been said, this week and next week may not be the best for romance and that you should note. 

Right now Venus is in overdrive working to bring out deception and show us the things we otherwise might be overlooking. While it might be painful, this is happening for a reason and will help us grow in the end. The Universe is always working in our favor whether we realize that or not. If you’re meant to see something the Universe will do everything in its power to make that happen. 

We should also note that right now Jupiter is quite prominent making us really stop to see the bright side in things. You might be struggling but you always have something to be thankful for. Even when you feel at your worst, there is a reason for you to wake up every morning. 

While we should be cautious right now and ground ourselves as best we can, we should not shut these energies out. Learning to work through them will help us tremendously. We are capable of a lot more than we are aware of and as time passes, you may begin to see that more and more.