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We often hear the term retrograde and know that things are likely about to go little nuts, without understanding exactly what that means for us. And while Mercury retrograde alone is something to worry about, I bet you didn’t know that almost EVERY planetary retrograde that could possibly happen is about to happen all at once.

Beginning on April 10th, Jupiter began the retrograde season and contained much softer energy than Mercury provides while in retrograde. Because of this, many of us may not have even realized what was happening. However, others may have experienced a search for the self that included searching everywhere but within. Due to this, we may be immersing yourself in any mind-expanding experience, especially those of us that are Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, and Pisces.

Next, Pluto and Saturn followed suit, with Pluto retrograding on April 24th, and Saturn on April 30th. These retrogrades were a little less than subtle and pushed many from their comfort zones and into the direction of finally learning the lessons of their mistakes, and pushing forward to true transformation. If you have noticed a lot of people in your life finally blowing their lives up during this time, as they entered into the midst of oblivion- this may be why. If you are doubting the changes you see in someone you love, you may be able to finally rest your head in the comfort zone of belief.

However, without the proper follow through, and planning of Capricorn (the sign they began retrograde in) they may not have the gumption to continue their follow through. Ultimately, it is the practical planning nature of Capricorn, paired with Pluto (transformation) and Saturn (teaching us the lessons we must learn when we choose wrong) to make necessary changes in our lives.

Now, here is where things are about to get a bit tricky.

Neptune is going retro as well on June 21st, followed by Mercury on July 7th, and then Chiron on July 8th.

You may want to brace yourself, as while many of these alone would be nothing to get through (almost nothing…) Mercury is going to add insult to injury and shake things up in a major way.

Neptune will be causing our boundaries to disappear, and for those of you in the midst of existential crisis from the previously mentioned retrograde, this can be catastrophic. If your cards are played properly, and you are spiritually in-tune though, this could be just the thing you needed. As your ego-identity falls apart, you will see yourself in a whole new light, and you will also see some universal love seeping through.

On July the & 8th, we will see Mercury retrograde followed by Chiron. The two forces combined will cause us to miscommunicate, and due to the surrounding forces, we may be miscommunicating in a way that could be quite damaging to our lives and to ourselves, and even to others, as we will say it with meaning. Other issues may include electronics going haywire, impulsive (yet seemingly good) decisions made in important aspects of our lives, and so on and so forth.

The best way to handle this is in a spiritual manner, by having an astrology forecast done by a trusted astrologist or card reader. By use of the same elements, and your natal chart, you can plan to make the best decisions by understanding how these alignments will affect you. Above all- meditate, take walks, and breathe. If immense chaos starts reigning down, remember: you are in control of your life. Despite the feeling that you aren’t, you are, and you must trust your intuition.