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When it comes to our finances things can be far more stressful than we are ready to deal with. Whether you’re in debt or merely struggling to get by, in general, you are most likely becoming quite negative overall.

The way we see things, including our situations, can make a serious impact in the way the world around us operates and the sooner we realize this the better. The more negative you are in general the more negative your situations will be. We get back what we put out into this world and so the energies we’re radiating from within matter big time.

In this article, we are going to focus on financial status and issues regarding that but please keep in mind when it comes to life as a whole the energies you’re feeding into can have serious effects. Removing energy blocks in many aspects of your life can benefit you greatly.

Chances are if you’ve been stressed and struggling for a while you’ve created blockages in your personal energies that are seriously holding you back. You might work hard and do all you can to get ahead only to feel like nothing is working and you’re not getting anywhere. This is what happens when those blockages grow, from here you either need to clear them out or allow them to dig you a rut that will be much harder to get out of than you could ever imagine.

Below I am going to go over a few simple steps that can unblock your energies and allow the stagnant negativity before you to leave your mind. Once you’ve done this becoming financially stable will become much easier. While it might sound too good to be true your mindset changes everything and if you are able to come to terms with that you are able to change your situation.

How To Remove Energy Blockages:

Step 1:

Find somewhere quiet that you feel safe and secure in and sit down to meditate. From here you will need to really do all you can to clear your mind. Let go of all the frustration you carry with on you a day to day basis.

Step 2:

Consider your finances and then let go of all the things you assume in regards. Don’t assume that money will make you happy and do not allow the idea of being rich make you feel like you’re not good enough in the life you are leading now. Once you’ve done this the next step will become quite easy.

Step 3:

Imagine a green energy flowing from within your body and pushing out all of the energies already present within your being. Do this with your mind’s eye and be very firm with where these energies end. Leave the green just outside of your being and allow the others to roll off the edges as you stay present in that moment.

Step 4:

Think about all the things bringing you down and allow them to also shoot through that green energy and out into the world. The more you let go of the better. That green energy is how you view your finances and it needs to be a very bright and prominent energy if you want to promote growth in that area.

Step 5:

Once you’ve done these things remind yourself that no matter how much money you have your own happiness is more important. Some of the richest most ‘financially stable’ people in this world are more unhappy than you could ever imagine. Money is not the key to happiness and while it is important it will not fix all of your problems.

Now the blockage should be cleared and all of those negative energies that have been dragging you down should be gone for now. From here you need to begin budgeting a bit more and working to improve in the ways you are able to. Give yourself plenty of positive reinforcement and each day send out positive energies into this world. Abundance will find you in time.