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Family Karma is nothing like personal Karma, it is far more intense and doesn’t really care who it affects as long as the person(s) who created it are getting the backlash one way or another. There is no such thing as coincidence if you are going through something, there is a reason for it.

Every single thing in this life is the result of something else. There is a force working for us all that we cannot see, cannot hear, and most have no clue is even there. Family Karma is something we all have whether we grow up in a good home or in a not so good one. It is something that holds you back and limits you. For some, it doesn’t limit much and for others, it keeps them from doing anything.

Family Karma is not something that is just going to disappear in the next life. It is something we all have to heal and work through. In order to set your soul free, you have to work hard. Sure, we all come into this world in the same way but the lives we are born into are all so different.

In order to really overcome this Family Karma, you have to work deeply and manage your intentions. You have to learn to see the energetic strands connecting you to the rest of those around you and repair them. This whole thing can be a very emotional process. Family Karma is something that was passed down to you and will continue to be passed down until it is resolved.

Only those who are highly spiritually gifted carry the burdens of this Family Karma on a level they can literally feel. This Family Karma can and will affect the way you interact with your family on an unconscious level. I know this may sound a bit vague but think about it this way, if you and your mother (whom you chose) in a past life were going through conflict and you hurt her, or she hurt you in this life you would be either feeling Karma for it or she would be, right? Family Karma works in this way but the difference is, only one person can truly hold that burden. Your mother doesn’t know that you are facing Karma for having wronged her in the life before and neither do you for the most part.

Do better, meditate more, visualize those cords and repair them. Work each day to change your mindset on the people closest to you. Sure, you and your brother might not get along too well but if you go an extra mile to make him laugh your relationship might benefit greatly. Feel the innocence and forgive them for anything that may have happened in the past, only when these things have all been done will you begin to feel that burden slowly being lifted.

No matter what it is your childhood manifests as this life you can make your way through it. You did this for a reason and there is a lesson ahead. Work through this Karma and trust in the Universe. There is so much more in store for you.