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Relationships are not easy and the more you try to make things work in the wrong ways the further behind you will fall. If you want to find success in love, you have to make sure that you are cultivating the right kind of atmosphere within your relationship.

As cliche, as it might sound turning to relationship experts when you’re struggling, is a great idea. I came across one expert in particular recently and have even been applying his words to my current situation. His online persona is the ‘Fairy Godfather’ and he is exactly that down to a tee.

His Instagram has over 30 thousand followers and lots of testimonials listed. This man has changed the lives of many and really helped far more get out of toxic situations than most could ever imagine. According to The Mirror, he began his mission back in 2011 and from there he has only continued to grow.

The Fairy Godfather told The Mirror as follows in regards to his work helping women across the globe:

“I want to achieve a better environment for women to date in.”

“When Tinder exploded in 2012 everyone became easily expendable, mirroring the throwaway society we live in.”

“Men could speak to multiple women at once at the touch of a button and so to beat the competition, women started giving what hadn’t been earned, thinking it would keep the man.”

“Men realized if they lied or manipulated women they could get sex very easily.”

“I’m giving advice that can turn back the clocks to a pre tinder state of dating and that will only be done by women taking the lead and following these simple steps that may go against their natural urges, it about being mindful and thinking logically.”

If you take a look at his Instagram account where he makes all of his posts you will see tons of different inspirational quotes as well as lists of things you should and should not deal with or ways to become a happier person. He has a post for just about everything and each one will speak to you in ways those of others do not.

One of his posts that stands out above the rest to me is titled ’30 things you should never do when dating…’ This post is simple and to the point. It goes over a lot of things we as women tend to do within our relationships/dating lives and these things are without a doubt sending us down a path that allows us to be used. By not doing these things and not allowing them, in general, we can work towards finding someone worth our time and being in a proper functioning successful relationship.

30 Things You Should Never Do When Dating, According To The Fairy Godfather:

1. Don’t have expectations.
2. Don’t take any shit.
3. Don’t ignore red flags.
4. Don’t be “haunted” (Block him)!
5. Don’t talk about your ex.
6. Don’t act taken when you’re single (but be busy).
7. Don’t drink alcohol on a first date.
8. Don’t let him push your boundaries.
9. Don’t chase him.
10. Don’t be lazy with your search (date more than friends of friends and work colleagues).
11. Don’t meet him until you’ve asked the 5 questions. (Click here to see what the 5 questions consist of if you’re not already aware.)
12. Don’t ignore your intuition.
13. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
14. Don’t be afraid to make the first move.
15. Don’t get into a ‘textationship.’
16. Don’t be breadcrumbed.
17. Don’t have sex until you know him well (unless you are cool with the possibility of ‘catching feelings’ or if you just wanna fuck).
18. Don’t ignore the safety advice.
19. Don’t follow your heart.
20. Don’t trust your emotions.
21. Don’t be unrealistic.
22. Don’t lose control.
23. Don’t be close-minded.
24. Don’t allow yourself to be love bombed.
25. Don’t be in a ‘situationship.’
26. Don’t invest in second best.
27. Don’t waste your time on the emotionally unavailable.
28. Don’t think someone will be nice to you just because you’re nice to them.
29. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
30. Don’t date because you’re unhappy or lonely.

The Fairy Godfather has touched on many topics and his advice is there to all women who need it. All you have to do is follow his account and scroll through. There is something for everyone. He goes over how dating is not a cure for loneliness and how we should all learn to love ourselves before anything else. If you want to check him out feel free to click here.