Gaslighting is not something anyone wants to deal with in life or in love but it happens a lot more often than most realize. For those who might not be aware, gaslighting is a type of manipulation that consists of the manipulator basically pushing someone to the point where they question their own reality.

When you find yourself in a relationship with someone who gaslights you, chances are things did not begin this way. To begin with they were who you needed, and they were someone you really fell head over heels for. While things were fine for a while as time passed and you got closer to one another, their true colors began to show.

If you think you are possibly being gaslighted in your relationship, then you probably are. Take a look at the signs below and really let them sink in. if these things are happening in your relationship and in your life, someone is trying to make you crazy. Trust yourself and do what you need to do to get out of that situation and cut ties with this person.

7 Signs You’re Stuck In A ‘Gaslighting’ Relationship:

1. You feel quite confused most of the time.

Most of the time you’re pretty confused overall. It’s like your partner is always going out of his or her way to keep you in the dark. Nothing adds up like it should these days.

2. You’re the one who ends up feeling bad after you call this person out for their lies.

When you try to call your partner out for lying to you even with proof he or she makes you feel bad for saying anything in the first place. You’re at a point where you’re questioning everything and unsure of what to do. This is all a game to the person manipulating you and you should not forget that.

3. All of your weaknesses and insecurities are used against you.

This person uses everything they can against you. They tear you down all the time and make sure you do not feel good about yourself. Through doing this they can gain more and more control over you and your life.

4. You’re constantly told that you’re ‘over-reacting’ or being ‘too sensitive.’

The more that they say this the more you believe it and honestly, you shouldn’t believe it. You’re not wrong for being upset over their denial of the lies you have proof of. They push you until you fly off the handle, and they do it on purpose.

5. It feels like you’re never allowed to make your own choices.

All of the real choices before you feel like they’re not being made by you. This is because you’re being influenced so drastically by this other person. You’re going through the motions doing whatever they want you to do to avoid arguing and fighting, aren’t you?

6. This person is always saying things but never actually following through.

This person talks a big game but never backs it up. He or she says they will change and that they will do better, but they never do. They are always the same toxic person that you’re struggling to deal with over and over again.

7. You are seemingly isolated at this point.

This person has cut you off from the people who cared the most about you. They have made you feel all alone and really left you in a bad place. It’s like all you have left is them, and they aren’t the kinds of people you want to confide in.

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