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While it might sound odd to some, the concept of dreaming about past lives is one many people believe strongly in. These dreams are very unique and in many cases can be recurring.

Sure, some people think this kind of thing could never happen but once they have a past life dream experience, things change in their minds. Past life dreams are much more intense than other dreams, and they leave you feeling in a way that nothing else can. You may dream of a place over and over again so specific and yet never having seen it before in person or you may even just feel like at the moment that dream was so real that it had to be some kind of memory.

That technically when you look at things from a spiritual side of thing is exactly what these dreams are, memories. They are reminders from your previous lives of important things and the more you work to understand them the better. For instance, if you could find the location in your dreams you’ve been visiting over and over again, seeing it in person may trigger something enormous. 

Now, past lives are basically other forms of our incarnations here on this earth. While we have lived our lives on this world many times over, we do not hold onto all of our memories in our conscious state because doing so would prove to be too much for our minds to handle. Could you imagine holding ten, twenty, or perhaps even one hundred lifetimes worth of memories all at once? 

According to Dream Sleep, we do not remember our past lives because of the following:

Spontaneous recall of past lives may be a rather dubious privilege. Suppose you were now able to have unfettered access to all your past life memories and were to discover that you were one of the worst monsters in history. What if you discovered that you were Genghis Khan, Hitler, or Stalin? Worse, perhaps, you realize you have spent lifetimes as a child abuser or village idiot. How would you feel? How would you deal with the horror and belated remorse? You would probably feel so depressed and discouraged, you would have no strength to keep on.

Moreover, imagine how much karma your life now and in the future would be subject to. You would have a mountain of misfortune to deal with. How could you deal with it? Perhaps you would live in fear of retribution for past sins. You would probably feel hopelessness, guilt, and shame and find it tremendously difficult to get on with your life. People don’t like to remember things that are unpleasant or evil.

Fortunately, cosmic law protects you with forgetfulness and gives you a second chance. People need to be protected even from comparatively innocuous past lives. Take for example the story of Shanti Devi, in the sidebar near this section. Twenty-five years after the events described, a reporter sought out Shanti to ask her about the case. She was working a quiet life as a government employee. She was not keen to talk about the case. “I do not wish to revive my past lives, either this one or my previous existence in Muttra,” she confessed. “It has been very difficult for me to bury my desire to return to my family. I do not want to open that closed door again.”

The more you meditate over the dreams you have at night the more clear those which are true memories will become. The more tuned in to your spiritual side that you are the better you can work to understand what you’re being shown in your sleep state. Take each dream with a grain of salt and really work hard to uncover the things locked within it, only you can do-so because these memories are your own. 

For more information on this topic please check out the video below. What do you think about recurring dreams and past life experiences? I for one hope to begin understanding some of mine better in the near future.