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While here in the US it does seem to be getting hot, it might not necessarily be as hot as we’re used to for some of us. However, other places are getting more than their fair share of heat.

According to Accuweather, there is a heatwave making news in places like northern New England and Canada. This heatwave could end up breaking records depending on how things play out and seems to be producing temperatures ’10-20 degrees Fahrenheit above normal’ thus far. While here in the US places like Chicago are still being affected by this heatwave it’s not present everywhere.

CNN wrote as follows on this topic:

It’s not just the unusually high temperatures officials are concerned about. Excessive humidity will push the heat index values above 38 degrees Celsius, or 100 degrees Fahrenheit, in Canada where a heat wave is expected.

A heat index value — known in Canada as humidex — is what it feels like outside when you take into consideration the humidity and the actual temperature.

The summer heat will be combined with the most intense sunshine of the year as the Earth’s north pole is at its maximum tilt toward the sun.

The summer solstice — the start to summer according to the astronomical calendar — is also the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. This will allow for more daytime heating.

Red Alert Heat Warnings are in place for southern Manitoba and Ontario provinces, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Meanwhile, special weather statements have been issued for Quebec.

Daytime highs are forecast to reach 33 degrees Celsius, 91 degrees Fahrenheit, for Quebec City on Friday, which will challenge the old record of 31 degrees Celsius, 88 degrees Fahrenheit, set back in 1995.

CNN also noted that in eastern Canada a lot of people do not have air conditioning which makes this heat all the more unbearable. We should all be aware of how damaging high heats can be and if possible take precautions. Sometimes seeking air conditioning can be the difference between life and death as extreme as that may sound.

While temperatures, where I am here in the US, have been relatively normal, those affected by this heatwave are in my thoughts. Things like this are not taken anywhere near as seriously as they should be and those in affected areas should keep close eyes on the people in their lives who may be more at risk during these times for instance the elderly. While this heatwave will pass, things may get worse before they get better.

Accuweather reported as follows on the topic just days ago:

AccuWeather Meteorologist Isaac Longley said the heat wave unfolded due to a large area of high pressure that set up over New England.

“While the Southeast and mid-Atlantic have been dealing with daily showers and thunderstorms over the past few days, locations in New England saw the mercury soar into the 90s under abundant sunshine,” Longley said. “With high pressure remaining largely in control of the pattern, the heat will stick around through early next week before a cold front finally cools things down by midweek.”

The heat spread across a large swath of New England.

Burlington, Vermont, hit 90 F on Thursday for the fourth time in 2020. Meanwhile, Atlanta hasn’t hit the 90-degree mark once so far this year.

AccuWeather meteorologists say Atlanta is going to have one of its latest first 90-degree days on record since temperatures aren’t expected to reach that mark through at least this weekend.

To learn more about weather patterns in this sense for the remainder of June take a look at the video below. Heatwaves during the summer months might not sound too out of the ordinary but that doesn’t mean we should be overlooking them. If you’re in an area affected by this please do your best to remain cool.