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While we all know that there are many defining factors that make each zodiac sign who they are, it is quite clear that there are few that are much more free-spirited than the rest.  Those signs tend to have a lot more fun during Aquarius season than most other signs and with good reason.

Aquarius season is almost here and with that, we will be flooded with a very progressive and open energy. The influence that Aquarius season brings is quite interesting, to say the least. Chances are you’re already beginning to feel the shifting of energies but how they play out depends on what zodiac sign you belong to.

Below I am going to go over the signs that will be having the most amazing time during the course of Aquarius season. These signs are going to be breaking all the rules and going out of their way to have the fun they feel they deserve. They are not going to allow anything to fit into a box and will be more than willing to let that free spirit shine.

5 Zodiac Signs That Will Have The Best Aquarius Season 2019:


This Aquarius season is going to really force you to step up and out of your shell again. While normally you’re not the kind to close yourself off events lately have you stuck in the 9-5. You need a break and Aquarius season is the perfect time to take one. You are going to be letting your independent sideshow which is not like you at all, I guess as time goes by this will play out all on its own.


This Aquarius season is going to bring you to express yourself more and really fight for something more. You’re going to be taking risks that you might not normally take and acting on impulse big time. Your weird side is showing and unlike you assumed, everyone loves it.


This Aquarius season is going to really have you going the extra mile in general. You’re going to be putting your all into everything you do and really rebelling in the ways you may have always wanted to but never taken the steps to move forward with. You are going to be questioning more and finding the answers to things you were always too terrified to ask about.


This Aquarius season is going to bring out your flirty side. You’re going to be the opposite of how you normally would be and much more willing to show your creative side. The world is going to truly see you for who you are in this moment, make the most of it without being overly vulnerable.


This Aquarius season is going to have you turning the smallest thing into a production. You’re going to be wanting to break free from all of the normal things you do in your daily life. You will be getting the air you’ve been lacking for once and really holding your own. Make the most of this time while you have it.