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If you didn’t already know there is a massive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. It is something we’ve always assumed was there but were never able to get images of.

A study published just days ago has brought forth something not many were expecting. It was published in Astronomy & Astrophysics and basically was a more in-depth look at the black hole that threatens us all. By using technology at the European Southern Observatory in Chile and bring into place something called interferometry these researchers were able to boost the accuracy of their observations and make what many are calling a major breakthrough.

They were able to capture emissions from highly energetic electrons very close to the black hole making visible three bright flares. This matching the theory of hot spots orbiting black holes in general. The observation of these flares has confirmed that the object in the center of our galaxy is and has been a supermassive black hole. While this image might not look like much, it is proof of something monumental.

A scientist at the MPE said as follows in a statement on the topic of this finding:

“It’s mind-boggling to actually witness material orbiting a massive black hole at 30% of the speed of light.”

“GRAVITY’s tremendous sensitivity has allowed us to observe the accretion processes in real time in unprecedented detail.”

“We were closely monitoring S2, and of course we always keep an eye on Sagittarius A*. During our observations, we were lucky enough to notice three bright flares from around the black hole — it was a lucky coincidence!”

If you want to check out the study for yourself please click here. What do you think about all of this? I for one am quite blown away. Who would have imagined this huge find would come unexpectedly?