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When it comes to relationships, not all of them are going to be as positive as we want them to be. Toxic people are everywhere and sometimes they can end up far closer to your heart than you ever intended for them too.

If you are someone who has recently gotten out of a toxic relationship you need to know that even though you feel awful and are unsure of where to go from here, you are strong and you can make it through all of the things life is throwing your way. The person who was supposed to be there for you hurt you more than anyone else ever had and that is not something you will be able to get over easily. You will have to work hard to really regain a sense of normal.

That toxic person is not the person you were meant to be with and he or she did not have your best interests at heart. All that person wanted to do was use you and gain from your suffering. While they may have said ‘I love you’ they never meant it and you need to come to terms with that.

Holding onto resentment and fighting your own being is only going to cause you more pain in the long run. Because of this toxic person, you now know what you do and do not deserve in life and love. You are able to spot the signs and overcome any problem that comes your way. Sure, it might not seem ideal right off the bat but positivity is heading your way.

If you’re trying to really find yourself after a toxic relationship remember that realizing your self-worth is the hardest part of it all. Once you’ve done that, you can really begin to mold the pieces of who you used to be into who you’ve always wanted to become. Below I am going to go over some things that have helped me to become more myself after allowing someone to break me down and while not always as easy as I’d wanted them to be, they always gave me the power I needed to remain stable.

5 Tips For Finding Yourself After A Toxic Relationship:

1. Cut ties completely, don’t allow contact.

Once you’re no longer with this toxic person do not allow him or her to have contact with you. Being in contact with this person allows them access to you and gives them chances to weasel their way back into your life. You cannot just remain friends and you shouldn’t want to once you’re where you need to be in your own mind. Cutting ties allows you to move forward much more properly.

2. Think things through, don’t just ignore your own emotions.

You’re going to be feeling a lot of things that you might not be very comfortable with and as time passes they’re only going to get worse. Do not ignore your own emotions, work through them. If you hide away the things you’re feeling you’re only going to cause yourself more suffering. You have to acknowledge the things going on within before you can move forward.

3. Do not close yourself off from the people who actually care about you.

Don’t think that just removing the toxic person from your life is enough. If you remove him or her and still suffer through the pain you’re feeling alone you’re only going to be more willing to go back when this person tries to ‘apologize.’ Your support system is going to be there for you through all of the things life throws your way, spend more time with those who build you up.

4. Focus on yourself and your situation.

Do what you need to do in order to get your life where you feel it needs to be. The more success you find in this the better you will feel. Being independent is something that brings forth a lot of positivity and the more you work at it the quicker it will get here. You can do this and the more you focus the better. Don’t worry about anyone else, keep your own best interests in mind.

5. Don’t jump into another relationship.

One of the biggest mistakes that people tend to make is jumping from one toxic situation into another. Do not jump straight into another relationship. Give yourself time to get over the one you were just in and really find a sense of relaxation within your own mind before even trying to move forward romantically. You don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy, happiness comes from within.

To learn more about growth and moving on from a toxic relationship please feel free to check out the video below. While it is hard to move on it is much better for you once all is said and done. Never force yourself to remain in a relationship that is causing you harm.