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If you are someone that digs within the spiritual world, I am sure you have at one point or another heard the word chi. Chi is an energy that many consider to be our lifeforce.

Chi is what keeps us going, it is something we can develop more of and use to enhance our beings. This is a concept that can be found across the world and might mean different things to different people. Qi-Gong is a form of exercise that helps a person generate and harness their Chi. Through this, they are able to heal others, themselves, and do so much in this world.

Qigong is something that has been done by many throughout the years and has been around for well over three thousand years. Qi-Gong brings forth mental clarity and allows a lot of tranquility to grow. Being able to develop your energies in this manner will bring balance to your life and really increase your perception of the world.

Energy Arts even explain that Qi-Gong is able to bring someone to develop on a personal level as explained below:

Qigong represents a total system of energy work and personal development system. The exercises presented the Energy Arts Qigong Exercise Program are all that are necessary to maintain high-level health and increase overall awareness. This set of exercises can also serve as warm-up exercises for internal martial artists and energetic healers. These will give the average person at least as much internal benefit as they would most likely obtain from the practice of tai chi with the vast majority of the tai chi teachers in the West, as most teachers either do not know or do not share information regarding the internal energy work of tai chi.

In this video, you will see a Qi-Gong master using his powers to heal other people. While not many have achieved this we are all capable. We can all learn to use our lifeforce to really do a lot of good in this world. Could you imagine how dedicated he had to be in order to get where he is?

Image via The Real Positive Experience