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You might miss your ex or not want to leave the person you’re with because he or she is someone you love but if they’re abusing you, they don’t feel that love back. A real man isn’t going to take advantage of you like the person you’re thinking of right now has and that you should let sink in.

Real men don’t manipulate the people they care the most of, and they damn sure don’t trick them into sticking around, so they can further take advantage of them. Real men show you that they care through their actions as well as their words. They don’t fill you up with sweet nothings only never to follow through.

Abuse is not something you should ever excuse in someone within your life. If someone is hurting you, they do not deserve to be around you. While there is no such thing as perfect in this world, that does not mean you have to put up with being taken advantage of or manipulated. You are not a toy.

A man that loves you properly will not be willing to beat you down or let others beat you down. He will show you the care you deserve, respect your boundaries, and always be there when you need him the most. He won’t make you feel unimportant, and he will go out of his way to ensure that things are as they should be each and every day.

The person who refuses to sit down and talk through the issues you’re having isn’t worth your efforts, you know that right? Stop wasting your time and embrace the single life until you find someone who will show you that they deserve you. You do not have to settle for less than you deserve, period.

Someday you will find someone who treats you with honor. Someone that will not degrade you or make you feel like you aren’t good enough to be around him. He will give you new reasons every day to love him and you will know in your heart that you’ve found someone that you could truly spend your life with.

When you’re with someone who does nothing but break apart your confidence, you’re going to question everything and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for that. However, now that you know that toxic people are not good places to make homes, move forth. Be willing to find someone you’re not afraid of to put your heart into.

You can find the love you deserve in this world if you’re willing to accept that you know now what you deserve and do not deserve. You are not something to be tossed around and wasted like many will pretend you are. You are an angel, and someday someone will realize that.