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For some reason, we forget to keep our egos in check properly. We allow them to run rampant and as a result, we struggle to make real connections with others. 

If you want a proper healthy relationship your ego should be the first thing to go. The more willing you are to be selfless the more healthy your relationship will be given that you are with the right person. When you find someone who is willing to weather the storm with you, you don’t want your ego to get in the way of things.

Sure, you might think that your relationships keep ending because of the other person but honestly, sometimes the issue is within us. If you’re wondering whether your relationship is healthy you should probably look for the signs. When the signs below are present you’re right where you need to be but if they’re not, you need to work on yourself and try to either heal or overcome so that you can in the future be where you want to be.

10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship:

1. Everyone involved has their needs met.

When you’re in a healthy relationship you won’t have to worry about your needs not being met. Everyone has what they need and no one is being left behind. Within your relationship, you and your partner are taken care of.

2. You can both be yourself around one another.

Instead of having to pretend to be someone you’re not, you can be yourself with your partner. He or she understands you and you understand them as well. Everyone is on the same page.

3. As a couple, you’re able to communicate properly.

As a couple, you’re both able to sit down and talk things out. You don’t shut each other out and hide things from one another. Trust is a big part of your relationship.

4. Unlike in the past, you’re able to trust this partner freely, and they trust you.

Finally, you and the person you’re with are able to truly understand one another. You trust your partner and he or she trusts you. There is no wondering if someone is going behind the other person’s back. Cheating never crosses your mind.

5. You both see a future together.

You and your partner are able to look towards the future together. You both have worked out together a plan for the next few years. Separating is not something either of you are planning.

6. There is no lashing out and hurting one another, you both talk through your issues together calmly.

Both of you are in a place where you’re able to compromise properly. You know that your relationship is sometimes going to hit rough patches and that’s fine. The more time you spend together the closer you two become.

7. You both help each other grow.

As a couple, you’re both growing together instead of growing apart. You are on the same page as noted above and are each other’s biggest fans. You inspire each other to be more and do more.

8. Growth is possible together.

With time passing the two of you are becoming better versions of yourselves together. You help one another find ways to improve without being overbearing. The comfort you find in one another is special.

9. You both have a sense of independence.

Unlike other couples, you are able to spend time apart without it breaking you down. You like your independence and still spend time away from one another here and there. You have your own lives as well as your life together.

10. You’re able to still do the things you enjoy together or not.

This person is important to you but so are your passions. You don’t have to give anything up to be with this person. You still are able to put your time and effort into things that matter to you.