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Saturn and Pluto conjunction in recent times has occurred. This happened on the 12th of January and while it might not be as intense right now, the energies it brought are not leaving anytime soon.

This cosmic event was and is one of the biggest ones of the year thus making it known just how intense these energies can be and are. Right now you’re probably feeling much more tuned into your true self and more capable of fighting for what you believe in. That is the power of this conjunction. During the time it holds power over us we will be facing reality much more head-on.

Over the course of the coming weeks, we will notice a lot of things we once put a lot into decaying away. There will be tons of things breaking down very soon but through that something new and real will come forth. Rather than holding onto our overly high expectations and pulling ourselves backward stressing over the past, we will all be able to move forward.

AstroStyle wrote as follows on their website in regards to this cosmic experience:

The “rip it down to the studs” renovations that a Saturn-Pluto conjunction demands is rarely gentle. Pluto, the galactic Grim Reaper, has no problem destroying anything that comes into its path. The dwarf planet demands total transformation, and that means getting rid of whatever is keeping us stuck in an old groove. Saturn is like an uncompromising inspector and architect rolled into one. After peering in every corner, this planet will help us map a master blueprint for the new structures we need to put into place.

Saturn’s largely forgotten, pre-modern dual archetype is as the god of time and agriculture. We reap what we sow, and January 12 may be a day when we realize our economic silos are nearly depleted while our collective debts, including corporate liabilities, demand a balloon payment in full, a nation’s bill come due.

 As Saturn gives shape to Pluto’s totalizing demands, all the things we’ve been shoving down and burying will rise up like Godzilla and take tangible form. For best results, acknowledge the denial and look for the lesson. There’s a reason 12 Step programs call for a “fearless and searching moral inventory” in the process of overcoming addiction. In order to break age-old patterns, Saturn forces us to look at our fears and problems squarely in the eye. It isn’t easy, but it’s the first step toward building structures that can liberate us from restrictive circumstances. “The truth will set you free.”

There is no chance you’ll be missing out on what this event has to offer. You’re not only gaining the transformative side of things from Pluto, but you’re also gaining the composure and management capabilities that Saturn is placing before us. The more we work with these energies the better. They are truly capable of helping us change the world around us and how our lives are going regarding direction.

Don’t be too caught up in focusing on the right now, be facing the future and remain forward-thinking for as long as you possibly can. You have a lot to gain while these energies are holding influence over you, embrace them. While it’s not the 12th anymore we still have a long way to go with these energetic changes and challenges.

(Image Via: Pixabay)