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What if you could see the entire solar system all at once? Well, if that is something that excites you, then I have great news because you are going to get to see this spectacular show for several days coming up!

Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will align in an arc formation beginning March 25 through 30. If you count the moon, that is six planetary bodies to observe. Around the 28th, Jupiter will begin to slowly fade.

If you would like to see this beautiful event, you only need to find a dark area, devoid of any light. If you live in the big city, it is time to find something a bit more quaint, as light pollution will make it hard to see. Additionally, it helps if you get away from anything in the way, like tall buildings, trees, and even mountains.

Around the time that the sun begins to dip below the horizon, the show begins. However, you want to act fast, because it will be short-lived. According to ABC 33/40, the formation will not last over an hour. Since Venus is super bright compared to the others, you will be able to see it quite easily. Next, Mars will be a bit less bright, but it can still be observed with the naked eye.

Uranus will be the hardest top spot, so most of those viewing this may need some binoculars or a telescope to avoid missing it. If you find that one night is cloudy, and you are having a hard time seeing it, do not dismay. This show will go on, for nearly a week.

Because this is a rare event, you do not want to miss it. It happened in 2016, 2020, and then again last year, but that isn’t typical. It could be years before we get to observe this formation again!