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Yes, 2020 has been one hell of a year but as time continues to pass things seem to be looking up a bit. As we draw closer and closer to Halloween we’re going to be facing one interesting Full Moon. 

The Full Moon on October 31st, 2020 is going to be a blue moon. No, not actually blue in color but still a blue moon nonetheless. For those who do not know blue moons are what we call the second Full Moon of a month when there is more than one in a set month. This happens from time to time but does not necessarily happen often.

While there are other kinds of blue moons, this one is what you’d call a monthly blue moon because of the things noted above about it. Sure, in all the depictions of Halloween we tend to see Full Moons but overall we don’t usually get many Full Moons that actually happen on Halloween, to be honest. The first Full Moon of October will happen on October 1st and will be a Harvest Moon. 

While the Harvest Moon is powerful and is a wonderful moon to experience, the fact that we’re getting two is quite amazing. There are lots of energies that come with Blue Moons, and we’re all going to be feeling them. Sure, that might not sound like much to some but if you’re energy sensitive you’re in for quite a treat.

Sacred Wellness wrote as follows on the energies Blue Moons bring with them:

According to Rachel Patterson, author of “Pagan Portals – Moon Magic”, “There is a belief that the Blue Moon holds the knowledge of the Crone and, therefore, all the wisdom of the Triple Goddesses combined. It is also said that the Blue Moon brings a time of heightened communication and connection with the Divine and the spirit world” (2014).

I’ve found that the Blue Moon is also a very liminal time; that is, it seems to have a very special energy that thins the veil between our world and the Spirit World, which ultimately helps to heighten your intuition and aid in astral traveling and Shamanic work. This would be a great time for a guided meditation and visualization exercises.

Patterson also suggests using the energy of a Blue Moon toward the achievement of goals that you have always believed to be unobtainable or just out of your reach, and I resonate with this practice very strongly.

I also believe that Blue Moons represent second chances: Full Moons are always a time of excitement and fruition, and to have two opportunities to experience this energy in any one cycle feels like a gift! It’s as if the Universe is saying that you get another shot at tapping into the Full Moon? Once in a while, we get a second chance!

Of course, we still have a few months before this moon comes forth but knowing these things gives us something to look forward to. I for one am quite excited. These energies are very needed.