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As we move through June we’re facing a lot of different energies. Some of these energies are easy to face and others well, not so much. 

On June 8th there is a very special energy coming forth that may help us in more ways than we want to admit. With Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, and Pluto seemingly lined up we’re going to be gaining benefits from all of these celestial bodies. This specific moon will be a waxing crescent phase moon and that means we’re going to be feeling much more tuned into our higher selves. 

When the moon is in this phase we’re all pushed to be more positive and really grow more. It helps us take control in ways we otherwise might not be capable of doing. Sure, it can bring out our impulsive sides but only within reason. When paired with the energies of Saturn, Jupiter, and throwing a little Pluto into the mix this is truly amplified. 

During the time that these energies are in place which will likely last at least a week or two, you might find that comforting yourself is much easier than it previously would have been. This period is a wonderful time for you to really break free and be the person you want to be even if for a short period. You will be looking for something new to dive into and really taking the time to expand your own mind. 

For all zodiac signs, this whole event will be quite positive and full of progress. As someone who struggles with feeling useful and really finding ways to help others, these energies even now before they’re completely in place have me ready to do more and be more. This is the time to get things done and allow your true colors to shine as best you can. 

While communication during this period might be a bit iffy here and there overall misunderstandings will be far and few. The more positivity we seek right now the better. I know, it might sound a bit overwhelming but when put to use properly, these energies can do a world of good for each and every one of us. 

I strongly suggest taking some time out tonight to really clear your mind and see where you want to go from here. The more you apply these energies to your life the better you’re going to feel. Sure, Pluto might make you feel a bit anxious but not without reason. Take all of these things in one by one and see where they lead you.