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Falling in love can be either the best experience of your life or your gravest mistake. And while all zodiac signs have qualities that make them easy to love, they also all have the ability to make us wish we had never met them.

So which sign is the most difficult to love, and what makes them this way?


Virgo can be hard to love because they are extremely independent and want to live their life a certain way, regardless of the people they fall in love with. They won’t allow you to tell them what to do, and they are hard to get to open up. However, when you do open up and let people in, you are quite reliable.


For a Scorpio, determining what they want in a relationship can be quite hard. Because of this, they may seem hard to satisfy, and for good reason: because they don’t know what they want from your relationship.


Sagittarius can be difficult to love because they are very flaky and impulsive. While they may be satisfied in a relationship one day, the next they may desire travel and adventure, thus leading them to randomly uproot and move on. Oftentimes, they won’t commit, because they can’t decide to get into a situation that makes them feel stuck.


Aquarius signs like to keep to themselves. They do not enjoy sharing how they feel, because it leaves them feeling vulnerable. Ultimately, to them, a relationship equates to the ultimate vulnerability.


Capricorns are very practical and only think in terms of what is logical and pragmatic. And while this is good for them in the business world, it isn’t so much in a relationship. Their partners may be left feeling over evaluated and judged unless Capricorn decides to let love rule and follow their heart instead of their logic.


Gemini signs may be extremely emotional, and indecisive. Oftentimes, they may feel stuck between making the right decisions for their partners. However, when they do, they are amazing lovers.


Leo is very egotistical and needs to constantly be the center of their partner’s world. If they aren’t they can get bored, or feel a hit towards their pride.


The Aries is a very passionate sign that loves their partners and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. While it may come off as overbearing, they really do love with all that they have.


Taurus is without a doubt the most loyal sign of the zodiac sign. Once they are yours, they are yours and yours ONLY.


Libra will stop at nothing to please their partners. They want to keep the peace, and their love is selfless.


Pisces is a sign that loves deeply and expresses their love effortlessly. They have a difficult time being away from those they love and make excellent partners.


Cancer is a sign that wants to take care of their partners, no matter what. They are reliable and have beautiful hearts.