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Is reality real? Have you ever stopped to question the world beneath your feet?

As science, technology, and well, everything else progresses, questions are all we truly have. There are tons of secrets hidden within our own reality that are waiting to be uncovered. If you do not stop to question anything you will be left with nothing.

Chances are you’ve heard at least one theory on consciousness or reality, right? Have you ever really looked into that theory or any theories in regards? Are we living in a simulation? Could life as we know it be the dream of someone else? Is our perception much more limited than we assumed in the past?

The deeper you dive down the rabbit hole the more you find. As you begin to wake up, you will find that the way we think is not necessarily the way we should be thinking and you really begin to figure out a lot of things about yourself, this world, this life, and humanity. Below I am going to go over some of those things and hopefully help you to better understand them.

7 Things You Will Find When You Finally Wake Up:

1. You find parts of yourself you would not have been able to otherwise.

The more you question the more you find and in doing so you will learn things about yourself you would have never known. Through finding out more about reality you are also learning about your own existence. This is a hard concept to face but an important one nonetheless.

2. You realize that everything we see is in some way an illusion.

Our eyes play tricks on us more often than you might think. Our brain does not use anywhere near what it could to perceive our reality. We are not seeing the full effects of anything even if it seems as though we are.

3. You finally let go of fear.

When you begin to understand reality on a deeper level you also begin to let go of fear. All that was unknown is not so scary anymore. Sure, it might be overwhelming but fear melts away. You have through this broken through the false reality and made it to a place of balance.

4. You learn how valuable your ‘attention’ is.

You see more readily how clearly important our attention is. The world we live in is all about selling things and making us want to be drawn in. If we as a whole stopped feeding into it, we could take power over the business and so forth that are controlling our lives. While that will most likely never happen, realizing it is possible will truly help free you within.

5. You realize how fake everything truly is in this world.

When you question reality you begin to see all the cracks. Everyone and everything you thought was happy before begins to really stand out. You start seeing just how fake this world is. No one is as they seem and most things don’t really matter at all.

6. You will realize how easy it really is to get what you want.

When you begin realizing the truth about reality you also better understand what it takes to get what you want. You learn how to make things work in your favor and if you can implement these things you’ve learned in your life you can have whatever you want.

7. You realize how easy it is to shift perception.

While before it might have seemed almost impossible to shift your own perception you have done it. Now you see that it is not as complicated as many think it is. While it might seem like something unattainable if you try you can succeed.

Image via Ralph Smart