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Animals never cease to amaze, they are always doing some of the most unexpected things. We already know dogs are quite affectionate but this is truly one of the cutest situations I have ever seen.

I recently came across an adorable video online in which one precious pup by the name of Penelope was loving on her human mommy’s belly. Within that belly is a baby as you will be able to tell and it is quite clear Penelope knows exactly what is going on. She is cuddling up to her unborn sibling and nuzzling against her mommy’s belly as if she is beyond ready for the baby to come.

Dogs are some of the purest animals, they love humans so much and are capable of expressing their feelings even when we don’t expect them to. While you might expect a cousin or elder sibling to do these kinds of things but a pooch? Penelope is clearly very loving and good at showing how she feels.

Penelope’s mom Juliana is pregnant with what is supposed to be a daughter and by the end of the video, you will be just as ready for Pen’s sister to be here as she is. She is showering the little baby within with all the love she has to offer and it will truly leave you in a great mood.

Check out the video below for yourself. Isn’t Penelope perfect? Dogs truly are so much more than we tend to realize. While Penelope won’t live forever she has made and will continue to make a lasting mark in the lives of the humans around her just as all of the canines in the lives of those reading this will. Penelope really is going to be a marvelous big sister! Thanks for sharing this video DailyMail!

(Image Via: Daily Mail)