In recent times it seems something quite powerful has happened outside Buckingham Palace. An angry crowd gathered on the 22nd to march from Parliament Square to Buckingham Palace rallying together against child trafficking. 

This event was organized by a group on Facebook through the ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London.’ Since the event twitter has blown up with photographs and footage from it and millions of people, have seen. While other events have also been held, this one was quite large. Those partaking were encouraged to wear white according to The Express, and it was noted the purpose of this walk was ‘to bring awareness to the current reality of child exploitation within our own communities and around the world.’

The Express wrote as follows on this march:

One protester wrote on Twitter: “I was there. It was a peaceful walk followed by a group meditation starting at the London Eye on to the Palace then to Downing Street.

“Organised by ‘Freedom For The Children’ FB group for #EndChildTrafficking We had full police support.”

In the footage, some of the protestors appear to be waving banners emblazoned with Queen Elizabeth II’s son, Prince Andrew.

Some of the placards appear to condemn the Duke of York for his relationship with deceased paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Despite public anger over his friendship with the disgraced billionaire, Prince Andrew strenuously denies any wrongdoing.

Prince Andrew has continuously denied any involvement with the “abhorrent” activities of Epstein through several statements from the Palace.

According to The Metro, the group has made claims that eight million children including around 200,000 in the UK are going missing each and every year. This is a number that we all need to think about when it comes to moving forward. Even if the numbers were smaller, any number of children or people going missing and being trafficked is not something to be ignored. As you can see below, this event seems to have been quite successful, and we can assume more will come as a result, likely around the world.

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