Right now with all that is going on in the world, there are a lot more low-frequency people than before. That is because for some staying home and being ‘stuck’ brings them down further and further.

While it might not be easy, keeping your vibration as high as possible right now is crucial. This helps keep you more balanced and allows you to still operate on a more functional level. The lower your vibration becomes the more unhappy and irritable you may end up feeling as a result. 

If you are stuck being around or spending time with someone with a low-vibration chances are when you’re with them or after you’ve spent time with them you feel extremely drained. That is happening because you’re not protecting yourself properly. These people even without realizing it try to bring other people back down to their level and that is not what you want to allow to happen, period. 

Your vibration for those who might not know is your energetic frequency. It is one of the ways the universe keeps in touch with you but if you’re vibrating on a low level, you’re quite faint and hardly allowing the universe itself to feed into you as it should be. The higher your vibration the more you’re going to gain in the long-run. 

When it comes to low-vibrational people no matter what you say to them they’re always going to act in the way they are. They will not raise themselves up until they are ready on their own. Their frequency will wear yours down over time and so, you should limit your contact with them or cut contact completely if you deem that as best for you.

You never want them to drag you down and force you to revert to their level because from there the path back up is complicated and tricky. Actually, according to David Wygant, the best thing to do when you’re face to face and up against these kinds of people is to ignore them. I know that might be hard but it’s important and will help protect you. 

Now, if you are unable to completely cut contact or still must interact with this kind of person in some ways, you could and should really work to renew yourself when you are not around them. Take sea salt baths, meditate over healing crystals, and even consider smudging yourself if you feel they are overly negative as a whole. I know it might not sound like much but these small things can make big differences in our lives. 

To learn more about vibrational powers overall check out the video below. Things are not always as they seem and you should be working hard to ensure you’re where you need to be. Your vibration matters, more than you may realize.

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