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With the full moon in Pisces, which is conjunct Neptune retrograde, it’s no surprise that energetic forces are reaching an intense peak. Depending on the state of your twin flame connection, this time will either push you to transcend or cause a major obstacle on your journey.

Lately, if you have been experiencing a lot of setbacks in your relationship, this retrograde conjunct Pisces full moon is likely to bring some past issues and current ones to the surface. The reasoning behind this is to release the energies, but if the baggage is too much and your shared ego is too large – it could spell disaster for your relationship.

A watery full moon like Pisces is a beautiful spiritual experience. Right now, many things that begin culminating in March, during the Pisces full moon are reaching their peak. To reflect, look back at your life over this time and look at the links.

Unfortunately, though, the emotionally intense full moon isn’t all we have to worry about. On September 26th, the Mercury retrograde will begin, and we are already in the shadow. Since the retrograde will be in relationship-oriented Libra, communications between partners are already going to be a bit unclear and harder to navigate than usual.

Twin-flame unions will be feeling this on an immense level, because as the watery Pisces full moon pushes you to release tensions and brings your emotions to the surface, you may also be experiencing difficulty in getting your feelings out into the open. Be patient with your communications, and if one of you is a bit off (guarded) and not wanting to budge- trust your intuition on how to proceed. While it is easy to jump to the conclusion that something is wrong with the relationship, there are likely some unresolved issues boiling up to the surface.

You can’t force your partner to air them out, but you can guarantee these energies will bring them to the surface. Perhaps understanding and patience are of the utmost importance during this time.

It’s also important to note that twin flames often share energy fields – so if they are feeling the weight of their emotions and the shadows emerging from the Mercury retrograde shadow, your partner may be feeling down. In turn, you may feel down as well. Or a bit off.

Be sure to set clear boundaries during this time, and cleans and clear your space and keep yourself grounded. Encourage your partner to stay grounded as well, and work to ground one another. Use this time to transcend what holds you back and the baggage surrounding you. If you do – the Pisces full moon is already telling you what you need to know, you just have to listen.