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Tonight on July 4th, Sirius will conjunct the Sun. This happens once each year and brings energies into our lives that allow us to tune more into our emotional sides and really frees us in ways we don’t realize we need to be freed. 

This conjunction will be occurring in the sign Cancer and with that, we will all be much more on edge and able to really open up in ways we otherwise would not be capable of. This kind of celestial event brings forth a lot of synchronicities into our lives but not all of the effects we’re going to be facing while these energies are present will be as positive. Some of us may end up struggling to sleep for a few days and others may end up really panicking as things unfold more properly. 

When fixed star Sirius and the Sun join one another we’re all brought forth some interesting energies and facing those properly is important. Sirius is a very powerful celestial body and it brings forth love, power, and so much more. When we use its energies properly we are offered so much and the passions within our beings are ignited like nothing else. During this period of energetic shifting and challenges, we should know that this conjunction is bringing us great success.

If you’ve been fighting with your partner or going through something very unpleasant, things are about to be looking up. Harmony is coming and things will get better. This in itself should serve as a reminder. Chances are you even now can feel that much if you’re energy sensitive. 

While these energies won’t be present forever, they will stick around long enough for you to get what you need to get done accomplished. You’re headed in the right direction and you need to let things play out as the Universe sees fit. I know, that might be easier said than done but if you trust in yourself and the world around you, all can follow through. 

While these energies are present we should work to be more aware and perhaps even spend more time tuned into nature. Meditate and really go out of your way to make the most of the things before you. Keep your own well-being in mind but also don’t forget the people in your life. There are always energies around us but these ones are quite intense. 

Sure, this might sound like a lot but it’s not as hectic as it may feel. The more time that passes the more these things will even out. You’re headed for something great. Let’s see where Sirius takes you. Don’t ignore the meaningful coincidences that are coming into your life, these things are happening for a reason. The more open you are to change, the further you will get on your spiritual journey as a whole.